Top 5 Gifts for CrossFitters

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for CrossFitters

Top 5 Gifts for CrossFittersIf you have a CrossFitter in your life, you know it; they won’t stop talking about it. (The first rule of CrossFit is… we must always talk about CrossFit!) But finding holiday gifts for CrossFitters is hard – a big tray of peppermint bark isn’t Paleo. Also, CrossFitters are a little picky about the gear they use. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get something for the barbell-bender in your life. Here are my top picks for the CrossFit devotee.

Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness – can I just say how much I love this book? It really delves into the history of CrossFit, from Greg Glassman and Fran to the CrossFit Games and Reebok. It’s an amazing read for anyone who is truly into the sport of fitness and makes an excellent gift.
WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope – A speed rope isn’t the sexiest gift, but for a new CrossFitter who is constantly struggling to master double unders (which is, like, all of us), it’s a useful thing to have at home. This one is adjustable for hobbits and giants alike.

SoRock Women’s Fitness Moves Tank Top – Wallballs, split jerks, kettlebell swings, snatches, rope climbs, and double unders are all stacked up along the back of this workout tank top, which is perfect for a sweaty WOD. It’s really cute how the workout moves are stacked up along the spine – like, they’re the foundation of the workout, and they’re holding up the program. (Maybe I’m getting too philosophical about it, but it’s SO CUTE.) The reviews say it runs small, so order a size up.

Jacted Up Tees WodFather Crossfit Mens Tee Shirt – Need a cool CrossFit shirt for him? This WodFather shirt fits right on the list of holiday gifts for CrossFitters.


SoRock Women’s Set of Kettlebell Striped Knee Socks – Knee socks are infinitely useful in CrossFit to protect shins during deadlifts and rope climbs. These socks are fun AND functional and a fantastic stocking stuffer.



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