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December 2015 Fit Snack Review: FedEx Must Have Been Involved

First, let me just say this: I am always very happy to get my monthly Fit Snack box. The December box was no exception; Fit Snack does an excellent job of curating tasty treats, even if the company sometimes misses the mark. But this box seemed a little lighter. Perhaps FedEx was involved? After all, the company missed a lot of delivery deadlines this month.

December Fit Snack Box Review

See? Just a little on the light side. But as Fit Snack explained in an insert, a shipment for the branded Fit Snack boxes didn’t arrive on time. Neither did the Clif Bars (hot chocolate flavored, which I would have been all over!). Yup, that reeks of FedEx. Because Fit Snack didn’t want to disappoint subscribers, the company threw in a Raw Rev Protein Bar, which was absolutely delicious and made its first appearance in the October box. I was sad not to get the Clif Bar, but the Raw Rev bar made me very happy.

The rest of the box is what I’ve grown to expect, so let’s move on to the Fit Snack review:

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Protein: This is water-soluble hemp, and Fit Snack sent the original flavor. I foolishly mixed it 1) with a spoon and 2) in a glass of soy milk. It was not appealing. This would be a gazillion times better if I tossed it in the blender with berries, soy milk, greens – basically, as a protein boost to a smoothie. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 also comes in chocolate and vanilla, so I am curious about how those taste.

Enerchi Bites:┬áThese cocoa date bites were pretty good! They’re gluten-free and include chia seeds, and they’re a tasty alternative to regular dates. They were gone pretty quickly. Want some of your own? Get free shipping with the Enerchi coupon code “MINDFULSNACKING” when you order directly from Enerchi.

Detour Smart Bar, Coconut Almond: I definitely, absolutely enjoyed this bar. It’s whole grain oatmeal mixed with coconut and almond chunks, and to top it all off, the bar is drizzled with a yogurt coating.

Four Points Nutrition Bar: This raw bar was another winner. ┬áMy Fit Snack box had the Alpine Apple Cinnamon, which tasted more like apple pie than a nutrition bar. Get yours for 25 percent off with the coupon code “FITFOUR25” on the Four Points website.

Ground 2 Table Spices: Fit Snack sent a package of these spices. They’re organic (yay!) and non-GMO. I’m excited to try them, because I do like to add different flavors to my food, especially the chicken breasts I roast weekly for lunches. Save 15 percent off some of your own with the code “G2HOLIDAY” when you purchase directly from Ground 2 Table’s website.

Next by Nature Dark Chocolate Goji Berries: Did anyone think Goji berries could be addictive? But these are, thanks to a rich dark chocolate coating. But the best part is, they’re gluten-free and packed with antioxidants.

Salad Power Vegetable Drink: Here’s a huge tip: don’t drink this warm. This superfood veggie salad is meant to be enjoyed chilled, like a glass of V8. Buy from the Salad Power website directly and save 15 percent with the code “FITSNACK” at checkout.

Fuel 100 Electro Bites: The Electro Bites in my Fit Snack box were the apple cinnamon flavor. They are definitely salty and good for replacing calories and electrolytes if you’re an endurance athlete. If you’re not, you won’t benefit from these. If the Electro Bites were labeled better, I probably wouldn’t have chowed down on salt tabs. Still, worth a try if you’re a marathoner or triathlete. Get yours for 30 percent off on the Electro Bites website by using the coupon code “FITSNACK” at checkout.

Overall, even with the missing items, the folks at Fit Snack put together a great box. I’m excited to see what comes in 2016. If you want your own box – and to save 50 percent off your first box! – use the link below:

What would you like to try in a Fit Snack box? Comment below, and I’ll pass it on!



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