December StrideBox Review: Tag Your TRail

December StrideBox Review: Tag Your Trail

I re-subscribed to StrideBox purely because I wanted to write another StrideBox review and give it another shot. The company has made some changes, and I figured that after a good time period, the subscription box I’d receive would be a lot better. While I’d say honestly it hasn’t changed much, I will say there was a pretty good assortment of things to try in the StrideBox.

December StrideBox Review: Tag Your TRail

Four Points – Nutrition Bar in Alpine Apple Cinnamon: This wasn’t anything new to me; I had received one of the Four Points bars in my Fit Snack box. I still love the chewy texture and how it tastes like apple pie, but with natural raw ingredients.

Chocolate #9 – Energy Gel: I am trying this energy gel today when I’m out on my long run. It’s a two-ingredient gel that’s supposed to provide a smooth, even flow of energy instead of a high-glycemic sweetener-induced crash. We shall see what this hypoglycemic thinks.

GU – Energy Chews – Salted Caramel Apple: Am I a traitor for saying I don’t really like salted caramel? The taste of these chews was tangier than I’d like and saltier than I’d like. That said, they provided excellent carbs, electrolytes, and most importantly, caffeine to fuel me through five miles today (after I had already spent an hour cozying up to some barbells). Verdict? I’ll have to get some more, but in different flavors, for post-barbell and pre-run snacking.

Volo Vitamins – Energy – Berry and Citrus: I have not tried either of these. I always forget to grab powders and shake them into little bottles of water. I’m forgetful like that. These sticks are supposed to pack vitamins, minerals, and 17 different fruits.

Fuel 100 – Electro-Bites – Pumpkin Spice: I will not be fooled again! These were another item in my December Fit Snack box, and I honestly haven’t been motivated to try them again.

Cognitea – Energy Tea: Smooth, clean, and focused energy is what this is supposed to provide. I will have to brew it soon and be the judge of that. I have a big editing project coming up, and I’ll need focus for it.

In case you’re wondering what that green thing is in the picture, it is the incredibly awesome StrideBox Essentials Water-Resistant Zippered Gear Bag. I was able to fit my size 7.5 Asics Gel Nimbus-15s in the bag nicely, and I can see myself using this bag when I travel, when I race… in other words, a lot.

Overall, to sum up this StrideBox review, it was decent and what I’d expected: a bunch of samples to try, and a cool piece of gear. In my review, I do have to take off a star because of all the duplicates, but I have a feeling that it’s not the fault of StrideBox but of the manufacturers who are too eager to get their products into new hands. As a result, those of us that receive multiple subscription boxes end up with duplicates.



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