Super Gains Pack Review

Super Gains Pack Review

Super Gains Pack Review

First, I’m going to say that I received absolutely no incentives for this Super Gains Pack review. I subscribed, and this is a 100 percent honest, unbiased opinion.

Now, that said, this is quite possibly the best fitness subscription box I’ve received to date. (Maybe even the best subscription box ever.) Super Gains Pack provides 8-10 supplement samples, plus a full-size protein or nutrition bar. There’s even an insert with a high-protein snack recipe, a meal recipe, and a new workout move.

So, in this Super Gains pack, I got:

Overall, Super Gains Pack is a great way to try new supplements. As with any box, there will be a few that will just not ever be tried. But it’s worth it to give Super Gains Pack a shot – in your first order, you also get a really cool shaker bottle.


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