Encyclopedia of Meal Prep

Isolator Releases Free Meal Prep Guide

I’m a really big fan of meal prep, so I was really excited to stumble across a press release from Isolator Fitness yesterday. The company just released The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep. The free PDF has pretty much everything you’d need in it to start a meal prep routine, including recipes, what you need to get started, and even why you should meal prep (if you’re not convinced of the benefits, of which there are many.)

Encyclopedia of Meal Prep

“Meal prep and healthy eating is 80 percent of the fitness equation,” said David Vollmer, Jr., CEO of Isolator Fitness, in the press release. (Remember my coach saying you can’t out-train a bad diet?) “We’ve always gotten so many inquires from our customers about meal prep how-to’s, we decided to take the time to put together a comprehensive guide for them to live by. We value our customers so much, and if we can do anything to help them reach their wellness goals, we’re all for it.”

The guide is 216 pages, and it covers everything from grilling to Crock Pots. There’s information on food safety, how to smoke meats, how to buy vegetables… it’s extremely comprehensive. Isolator Fitness included guides that talk about how long food will last in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer; which foods can be substituted in for healthier options; how to make spices from scratch; and how to choose the right meal prep containers (because Isolator Fitness makes meal prep containers and other accouterments. In my line of work, I consider this a smart marketing move). There are 60 different recipes in this book. It’s a pretty awesome freebie.

As if it’s not awesome enough that Isolator Fitness created this meal prep guide, the company also makes all of its products in Reading, Pa. Yes, made in the USA! I’ve already downloaded the guide and am looking forward to testing out some of the recipes. There’s a crispy protein chip chicken recipe that looks really, really good.


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