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New Fitness App Uses Sarcasm as Motivation

Not everybody responds well to rainbows and puppies from their fitness app. Some people prefer sarcasm to positive reinforcement, and that’s where CAKEWALK comes in. The free iPhone and Apple Watch fitness app, released January 26, 2016, from Robots and Pencils uses witty push notifications, fitness challenges, friendly competition – and even public shaming! to encourage daily activity.

“Anyone who needs added incentive to stay fit can download their own personal drill instructor to their phone — a sarcastic cake with legs character who is hard to please and eager to shame,” said Ben Myers, creator and product manager of CAKEWALK, in a press release.

The CAKEWALK fitness app uses your iPhone’s motion activity to track your steps, then compares your daily steps to yesterday’s to average your weekly activity. That’s when it provides one-liners and challenges, and if you’re not active, you’re going to hear about it.

You can also compete with your Twitter followers. CAKEWALK lets you log in with Twitter and vie for top spots on a leaderboard and rib your friends on Twitter if they’re binge-watching Netflix instead of meeting their activity goals or completing challenges.

CAKEWALK is available now for free in the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone 5s or later and Apple Watch.

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