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SenseSleep App Uses Neuroscience and Brain Training for Better Sleep

It’s possible to retrain your brain to get better sleep. The new app released today, February 1 from SenseLabs, SenseSleep, uses science to help your brain induce deep, nourishing, and uninterrupted sleep.

Our brains are built to release relaxed brainwaves when it’s time to fall asleep. But we’re often all wound up from our days: physical, emotional, psychological, and environmental stress. It overstimulates our brain, and we can’t fall asleep. When we do sleep, we’re restless.

SenseSleep aims to help us get better sleep with a three-step process.

3 Steps to Better Sleep

 Step 1 Get better sleep by recording your heart rate

Record your heart rate with the SenseSleep app. This is a reliable measure of how relaxed you are – or are not! If your heart rate is high, you’re guaranteed a tough night of tossing and turning.


Step 2

SleepSense guides users through simple, controlled breathing exercises designed by neuroscientists. These exercises safely and naturally lower heart rate, calm brain waves, and create a relaxed, sleepy state.

Rating better sleep Step 3

When you wake up, SleepSense has you rate how well you slept on a scale of 1 to 5. This helps both you and the app identify sleep patterns and track your improvement over time.
Getting better sleep isn’t just about feeling refreshed the next morning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), not getting enough sleep can lead to hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, cancer, increased mortality, reduced quality of life, car accidents, industrial disasters, occupational errors, and more. WebMD goes a step further: getting better sleep helps alleviate chronic pain, reduce your risk of injury, be in a better mood, think more clearly, have a better memory, and boost your immune system. Basically, getting enough sleep and better sleep is the cornerstone of good health.

SenseSleep is available now from the App Store.


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