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Gym Equipment Retailer Inspired by Everyday Athletes

It’s the everyday athletes that are the most inspiring: the CPA that also runs marathons for charity, the mom of three who CrossFits. Gym equipment retailer Gym Source realizes that and today announced that it would devote hundreds of pages of its own website to these everyday athletes.

everyday athletesThe campaign, called Victory Moment, will feature the inspiring user-submitted stories of overcoming challenges, committing to a healthier lifestyle, and achieving goals. Customers, trainers, and friends of the company are encouraged to submit stories.

“We are inspired every day by the dedication of the everyday athletes we meet in our 31 stores up and down the east coast,” said Tom Richard, Chief Marketing Officer for the company, in a press release. “We know others out there will benefit from learning how other everyday athletes overcome their challenges to stay fit and healthy.”

Each everyday athlete gets a full web page. Viewers can track athletes’ progress toward their goals, as well as view video updates, read stories, and feature the athletes on social media. Gym Source plans to post the athletes’ favorite music playlists, as well as live audio interviews, as well as help celebrate the moment they reach their goals.

Currently, Victory Moment, so named because Gym Source believes even small victories should be celebrated, features seven everyday athletes. Each athlete has different goals: sprint faster, keep up with the pace of life, stay active after illness, and outsmart genetics. But what they have in common is that they believe fitness is important in their lives, and they’re willing to work toward goals and be held accountable.

Anyone with a desire to reach fitness goals is encouraged to submit a story on the Victory Moment website. Gym source wants to know what its customers envision their victory moments to look like. What’s yours?


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