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DailyEndorphin Now Integrates with Fitbit

If you love challenges and love your Fitbit, you’ll love the latest announcement from DailyEndorphin. The platform yesterday launched a feature that allows DailyEndorphin users to sync with Fitbit in real-time while registered with a DailyEndorphin challenge.

DailyEndorphin screen shotBasically, this integration adds convenience to challenges and lets people administer custom health and wellness or exercise challenges. Fitbit users open up the Fitbit app on their phones, and the daily step data automatically uploads into the DailyEndorphin app. There’s no more self-reporting (e.g., cheating).

Currently, DailyEndorphin doesn’t plan to change pricing schemes. The Fitbit challenge page set up by the company has more information on how it works. Users don’t need a Fitbit to join these challenges, but if they do, they’re excused from manual entry.

Designed for use by companies for their health and wellness challenges (as opposed to Fitbit’s friendly competition), DailyEndorphin plans to integrate other fitness trackers in the future.


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