January Fit Snack Review

January Fit Snack Review: The Clif Bars Arrived!

Last month’s Fit Snack review reflected the dismal state of shipping today. But the Fit Snack box for January definitely made up for it!

January Fit Snack Review

Fit Snack sent over a pretty full box to review, along with the usual card explaining what everything is, some promo codes, and a full body workout on the back of the card. And now, on to the Fit Snack box review!

Good Day Chocolates Energy are chocolates with benefits. Unlike friends with benefits, there are no awkward feelings. They taste quite good, like regular chocolate, but with a little extra kick.

Fruit Bliss Apricot Minis are dried fruit. They’re organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and full of goodness. I really liked these.

Clif Bar Hot Chocolate – Yay! The Clif Bars arrived at Fit Snack headquarters! I did like the taste; I don’t know if the Clif Bar actually tasted like hot chocolate, but it was a pretty good chocolate-y flavor that wasn’t too heavy.

NutriBlade Beverage is a superfood drink that I still haven’t tried. There is wheatgrass involved, and it’s organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, so I’ll be taking it out of the fridge soon. Save 20% with the code FIT20.

Morning Sunshine Cookie is a breakfast cookie that disappeared very quickly. It’s high-protein and high-fiber, and I definitely enjoyed it. Good snack, Fit Snack!

Miracle Tree Tea is going to be tried soon, as part of my impending coffee detox. These are quality herbal teas that hopefully will make me forget about the coffee I won’t be drinking. Fit Snack sent me two bags to try.

Veggie Go’s (oh, the apostrophe use!) are basically like fruit leather, but veggies. Fit Snack sent me a Sweet Potato one, and it was pretty good. I will probably buy more of these in the future.

Genesis Today Drink Mix, garcinia cambogia mixes, haven’t been consumed yet. Supposedly there are 75 superfoods, plus probiotics and enzymes to support healthy digestions. They’re on my list.

Green Guru Energizer are pills – vegan energy supplement pills, to be exact. They’re supposed to be taken before a workout. I haven’t tried them (shame on me, I know, but I’m a little nervous about pills).

Overall, this Fit Snack box gets a thumbs-up from me. There were more snacks this time, and the bonus item was the supplements. Want to get your own? Hit up fitsnack.com/cprun for your very own monthly delivery of healthy snacks!



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