March Fit Snack Box

March Fit Snack Box Review: It’s Bulletproof!

Have you ever tried Bulletproof Coffee? If you haven’t, you were in for a treat in the March Fit Snack Box.

March Fit Snack Box

The centerpiece of the March Fit Snack box was a Bulletproof Coffee starter kit. It contained the Bulletproof Coffee Beans and Brain Octane Oil, along with instructions. I’m a coffee lover, and this definitely was awesome. I’ve only had one cup so far, since we usually have a pot going in the morning, but I’m definitely going to be drinking more of the Bulletproof Coffee.

There were also a bunch of awesome goodies that made me so, so happy:

  • Oh!Ganics Oh!Bar. There is a whole banana in every bar – and it’s so much more convenient to toss one of these in your bag, instead of a banana. I’d get these for traveling. Buy one box and get one free with the code FITSNACK.
  • Crazy Richards PB Burst. Performance peanut butter? I’m so down with that. Admittedly, I ate it when I needed a boost during the workday, and not pre-workout, but it helped.
  • Back Attack Snacks Almonds. The chocolate firecracker ones woke up my mouth, in a good way. Save 10% on your tasty no-added-sugar almonds with the code FITSNACK.
  • Fru-licious Ice Pops. I know I put these in my freezer, but they have mysteriously disappeared. They’re 100% natural, so I don’t feel bad if someone reached into the freezer and helped their small selves to them.
  • Kutoa Nutrition Bar. There’s a great reason to buy these, and not just because they’re so tasty. For every bar you buy, Kutoa feeds a hungry child. The bars themselves are gluten-free and soy-free.
  • IPS Chips. Oh my gosh, I love these egg white chips! They’re such a fantastic substitute for the potato chips I no longer eat, and they’ve got 6 grams of protein per serving to boot. I absolutely love the sea salt and black pepper flavor.
  • Love Grown Foods Power O’s. Just give me these, a bowl, and some vanilla soy milk, and I have a delicious nighttime snack, one made with beans and lentils instead of artificial ingredients.
  • Lesser Evil Good Cookie. Lesser Evil, you have my heart. The cookies are packed with protein, but low on the sugar.

As a bonus, on the back of the card explaining what everything is, Fit Snack included a March Madness CrossFit workout that can be done anywhere, no equipment required. (Yay for bodyweight!)

I love my March Fit Snack box, and I can’t wait for April.


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