I Am CrossFitting, But I’m Not Running (Much)

Confession time: my mileage has been ridiculously low the past few weeks. I can blame it on the epic CrossFit Armada Beginners Competition injury, or I can blame it on the rain, or I can blame it on being sick last week.

But in all those cases, I made it to CrossFit.

I definitely want to run. Last week, I was on a business trip, and I was very excited about the prospect of running twice and CrossFitting once during the four-day technology alphabet soup-fest. I packed my running shoes and clothes, and then? I ran once. I went to CrossFit once. And then the last morning, Thursday, I was too sick to run РI felt like I had been run over, and I wanted to sleep all day. But I had to check out of the hotel, and it took everything I had to clean up, dress, check out on time, and get coffee. Coffee made it better, which meant I could drive to get lunch and read on my tablet before I had to catch my flight.

Friday? Back at CrossFit with my new CrossFit Mousetrap shirt. Saturday? Well, it was raining, so you know where I was, coughing a little and keeping a tissue or two tucked into my bra straps in case my nose started running.

But maybe I want to CrossFit more. I’m full-on with the Kool-Aid, watching YouTube videos and joining challenges at my box and getting shirts from every box I visit. The thought of going to a Globo gym makes me feel a little nauseated (although I have availed myself of guest passes so I can use the swimming pool). I can’t imagine life without a 3-2-1 GO! or ending my workout making a sweat angel on the box floor. When I run, I feel graceful. When I CrossFit, I feel bad@$$. It’s not pretty; I make horrible faces and frightening noises, more than I made in childbirth. And I love every minute of it (except wallballs).

That said, I’ve resolved to bring my mileage back up. The thing is, is there an accurate way to track all the running I do in CrossFit? Today was 10 200-meter runs (plus a 200-meter warmup). So it’s not like I’m not running there.

This week, I’ve vowed to run at least 12 miles outside of CrossFit.


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