Long Run. The shores.

When the Wheels Spin During My Long Run

I’ve gone back to making Saturday my long run day. Marathon training will be here sooner than I realize, and my coach says that, with all the CrossFitting I do, I really just need to build up a 15-20 mile a week base before I start an official, three-day-a-week training program. (Yes, I asked her. I’m not a high-mileage runner, and I honestly can’t become one in this heat.

So I met up with my running group, and I ran the first two miles with the Veterinarian, who was pushing me to go faster since she had to leave early to take care of puppies and kitties. Then it was just me, trying to get in eight miles before the humidity tightened around me like a hungry boa constrictor.

Long Run. The shores.

The ‘shores.

I made it to 7.5 miles. I am a wuss in this heat and humidity. But I let the wheels spin, and once again, I was reminded why I love running so much. I got to clear reality from my head and focus on the palm trees, the water, the fancy houses and the quirky houses, and even the ducks that waddle around the shoreline. I saw people walking their dogs, other runners, and cyclists.

And I saw a gray tabby cat that looked so much like The Tabby. It had the same markings, right down to the white patch on her chest and white paws. I’ve seen plenty of tabbies since The Tabby passed away, and the kitten we adopted in November is a brown tabby. But this one made me think of her, and how she’d give me kitty kisses, and how unique she was. And then, I just felt a sense of peace, like she was stopping by to say hi and let me know everything was going to be okay.

Other thoughts: it is HARD to get up early to run, but that’s what I have to do because, even at 8 am, it’s so beastly hot that it’s not worth risking heatstroke. And I have to split up my running more: a 4/4/6 split so that I can get closer to 15 miles a week, with the occasional longer Saturday run. But not much longer, because the heat and humidity are only going to get worse. A lot of times, I just don’t want to run. I don’t know if I’m hiding from my head or what, but Saturday’s run proved that being in my own thoughts isn’t always bad. Like I said, I worked through some stuff, and I’ll be doing some more of that in the coming weeks, especially when I go on my long run.

I think, sometimes, no matter how great the podcast or the soundtrack, letting your brain’s wheels spin can be a very, very good thing on a long run.


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