Surviving Summer Runs

What You Need to Survive Summer Runs

Surviving Summer Runs

Houston, from Buffalo Bayou Park. Photo by E.A.

It’s been slow going this summer. Coming back from an injury is hard enough, but in the Houston heat and humidity, it’s been brutal. Luckily, I’m not the only one who hasn’t been feeling it. My entire running group has been taking it easy and just enjoying the scenery on our runs. Our survival skills for summer runs are very simple, and here are my tips that keep me moving on hot summer days.

Start early.

Start as early as possible in the day. I start running as soon as I can see well enough not to trip over something. This way, I can get in a few miles before the sun scorches everything, including me.

Wear as little as possible.

In the summer, modesty is not my friend. I wear a sports bra, shorts, and a lot of sunscreen because I do not need heat being trapped next to my skin. I don’t like the feel of sweating into my clothes, and being able to feel a breeze on sweaty skin helps me survive summer runs – it’s a quick cool blast.

Bring water/hydration.

If you want to survive summer runs, hydration is your friend. For shorter runs, I have a small bottle that I just fill with cold water. For longer runs, I have a larger, insulated bottle that I fill with a mix of cold water and hydration powder. Electrolytes are your friend on hot, humid, sweaty days.

Enjoy the scenery.

I’ve said before that summer isn’t the time to set new records. My posse took our Saturday morning run up to Buffalo Bayou Park, and it was hot, humid – and gorgeous. It was worth it to go slow, chat with my friends, and just enjoy this oasis in the middle of the city.

surviving summer runs, happy edition

And jump for joy. We survived!



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