Find bats at Starbucks when you play Pokemon GO.

The Biggest Reason to Play Pokemon GO

Last week, Niantic released Pokemon GO, and it seems like everyone under 30 is going crazy for it. I’ve seen a ton of screenshots of where people are finding Pokemon in the real world: the gym, Starbucks, Lululemon. While it may seem like a really silly game, it’s a lot of fun, and there’s one big, compelling reason to play Pokemon GO.

Find bats at Starbucks when you play Pokemon GO.

Find bats at Starbucks when you play Pokemon GO.

What Is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game, based on everyone’s favorite pocket monsters. You download the app to your iPhone or Android device, sign in, and start hunting for Pokemon. But, to find these elusive Pokemon, you have to venture outside: your house, your workplace. They won’t come to you; you have to take a walk to find them. When you do, you fire Pokeballs at them to catch them. If you need more Pokeballs, you have to walk to a Pokestop.

Um, Ok. So Why Should I Play Pokemon GO?

If you have a competitive spirit or are trying to be more active, Pokemon GO is going to get you to move more. It’s a simple reason to play it. Sure, there are others: bonding with the Pokemon Master in your house, or doing the latest cool thing. But the biggest reason to play Pokemon GO is that it’s a game that will help you be more active. You’ll want to take a walk around the block at lunchtime or walk to the corner store because you’ll get to see Pokemon and catch them. You’ll get to walk to a Pokemon gym and battle.

Should I Be Careful When I Play Pokemon GO?

An emphatic YES! is required here. Pokemon GO is addictive. You’ll get buried in searching for Pokemon and Pokestops. Don’t Poke and drive (besides, the game is set up so that you’ll be going too fast to catch a Pokemon or hit up a Pokestop). Don’t get so wrapped up in Pokemon GO that you don’t see dangers around you.

That said, get ready to become a Pokemon trainer! I love this game, and it’s getting me out of the office and house, too.


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