Fitness at IDEA World: Dancer pose

One Big Lesson About Fitness at IDEA World

Last week, I traveled to Los Angeles to attend IDEA World and BlogFest as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. The conference concluded on Sunday, July 17. Amid all the chaos and the workshops, I learned one big thing about fitness at IDEA World: it’s not limited to one thing.

Fitness at IDEA World: Dancer pose

Because there’s always a good time to bust a dancer pose.

Fitness at IDEA World: Group Exercise

I’ll admit that I’ve been living in a bit of a running and CrossFit bubble. Those are my two primary forms of physical exercise, with a yoga class thrown in for mobility. I’ve heard of other ways of getting and staying fit, even though I don’t like them (I won’t name specific ones, but there is one particular class that I avoid at all costs). What I needed to do was open up my mind a little and experience some of it for myself (with the exception of the one that I don’t like).

Fitness at IDEA World: group workout

Pushup to side plank – part of the group workout.

Lucky for me, there was a Friday workout as part of BlogFest (sponsored by Propel and using resistance bands). It was a boot camp format, so I wasn’t too far outside my comfort zone. Think squats, lunges, burpees, v-ups, and push ups, all interspersed with different banded exercises. I was mildly apprehensive; it may sound weird, but group exercise is outside what’s comfortable for me. In CrossFit, we’re all focused on doing our own thing. When I run, I get in a bubble where other people don’t matter. But in group exercise, people are watching.

The other thing I learned about fitness at IDEA World is that I can still be in my bubble in a group fitness class. Honestly, the classes I’ve been to (boot camps and cardio kickboxing and the like) have made me self-conscious in a way that I couldn’t explain. Maybe it was because I was sweating with my SPA sisters, or maybe because I had already outed myself as a CrossFitter and half marathoner, but I wasn’t self-conscious at all. I have no idea if anyone was watching me. Maybe it’s a lesson I learned from CrossFit: focus on my own thing.

There’s Always Time for Yoga

Most of my Sweat Pink sisters practice yoga in some form or another. Actually, there were a bunch of yogis. When I stopped by the Sweat Pink booth, it seemed like as good a time as any to bust a crow.

Fitness at IDEA World: Yoga!

Crow pose with Yoga_by_nic.

I love yoga classes. That’s another time when I feel like I can be in my bubble. Sure, my crow pose isn’t all that great, but it’s fun to be able to do it.

Jenna Wolfe Should Be My BFF

Fitness at IDEA World: Jenna Wolfe

Jenna Wolfe, my new bestie.

You know Jenna Wolfe from the Today show, right? She was one of our BlogFest keynote speakers. Her speech resonated so much with me: she was bullied. She takes leaps outside of her comfort zone. She does things that scare her every day. And she prioritizes fitness in her life – no easy feat with two little ones, Jenna!

I had an amazing time at BlogFest and IDEA World, and I learned more about fitness, blogging, and even myself that I thought I would.

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