Free Siggi's yogurt

I’m Giving Away Free Siggi’s Yogurt!

I want to give you free Siggi’s yogurt so you can experience it for yourself. I’m ashamed to admit that, before July 14, I had never tried a Siggi’s yogurt. That seems silly now, in light of how much I love these little cups of goodness, but I had been content with Greek yogurt, and what was this Icelandic skyr, and it’s more expensive, so why should I try it?

Free Siggi's yogurt

You know you want all this yummy Siggi’s.

Aside from the fact that Siggi’s has a lingonberry/strawberry flavor? It’s amazing. Seriously. It’s rich, creamy, and has far less sugar than the average cup of flavored yogurt (9-11 grams vs. 25 grams). It’s low lactose, so those of us that have developed a bit of a lactose intolerance as we’ve gotten older can enjoy it. (Seriously – I ate two or three cartons of this one day, and I was fine.)

Siggi’s is the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted. And I really do love the story behind it: Siggi Hilmarsson missed skyr, so he started making his own in his New York apartment using a recipe his mother sent him. He sold it at farmer’s markets, and in a few short months, he bought some serious dairy equipment and created the brand we all love today. Entrepreneurship at its finest!

How to Get Free Siggi’s Yogurt

My birthday is less than a week away. Since the fact that you’re reading this blog is gift enough, I’d rather do something for you – like give you a month of free Siggi’s yogurt so that, if you’re lucky enough to live near a store that carries the lingonberry/strawberry flavor, you can snap it up.

Siggi’s is all about sharing. The company has graciously offered to give away a 30-day supply of its delicious Icelandic skyr (in free product coupon, because yogurt doesn’t ship well via USPS). What do you have to do to enter this delicious giveaway?
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