CrossFit 727 handstand

Travel. Run. WOD. Repeat.

For two weeks of my life, I felt like I was living out of a suitcase. I was traveling to various conferences: Blogfest and IDEA World, and then the ASBPE conference, where I had my first big speaking gig. Fitness doesn’t stop just because of a time zone change, so I packed extra workout clothes, running shoes, and shoes appropriate for some WODs.

First Stop: Santa Monica

For Blogfest and IDEA World, I stayed in Santa Monica at a FreeBnB (aka my parents’ house). Since, if I’m going to be away for a couple of days, I try to get a WOD in, I went to CrossFit Santa Monica bright and early on Thursday morning.

Handstand at CrossFit Santa Monica.

Obligatory handstand at CrossFit Santa Monica.

The box is beautiful and clean; I won’t deny it. It looks like most of the WOD happens indoors, including the warmup, and it’s in a storefront instead of a converted garage or warehouse. There are showers, and equipment is plentiful. The workout had a lot of shoulders (for strength, a strict press-push press-push jerk combo, and then for the WOD, more push presses and some toes to bar). I was the only woman at the 5:30 am class, but women started trickling in for the later class.

Running in Santa Monica

Where the mountains meet the sea.

I also ran eight gorgeous, breezy miles along the multi-use path along the Santa Monica Bay. While I absolutely loved the view, like everything else in Los Angeles, there was a ton of traffic. Still, I was able to keep a pretty steady pace, aside from the moments where I had to dodge Baby Boomers walking three abreast on the path. I was mostly at peace once I got past the more populated areas and closer to Malibu, and on to Will Rogers State Beach.

Next Up: St. Petersburg

No, not Russia. Florida. This time, I went WODding at CrossFit 727, a basement box about half a mile from my hotel. (Side note: I would have had to walk through a sketchy area of town while it was still dark out, so I took a Lyft. My Lyft driver made fun of me, but I would rather pay for a ride than end up attacked or dead.) I loved the WOD here: strength was snatches, and then more snatches, some jump ropes, and some burpees. I was all burpee’d out from my home box, but I still gave it my best. The coach, Skittles, told me that she could tell I had excellent coaching when I was snatching. (Another side note: I do have excellent coaching! All the coaches at my box are amazing.)

CrossFit 727 handstand

Yes, another handstand, another box to visit.

On Friday morning, I went for a run along Vinoy Park and the multi-use path. It was a hot, humid Florida morning, but I kept good pacing and just tried to enjoy the view. I was able to get a decent ocean breeze, which I think helped propel me forward (well, that and the thought of a delicious cup of coffee and healthy breakfast sandwich at my hotel). Again, I could just kind of be in my zone and work out some thoughts that were pinging around in my head, getting them in order and getting ready for another day of conference sessions. I firmly believe that running was what kept me sane later that night, when I was at Tampa International Airport and my flight kept getting delayed.

St. Petersburg, Florida running

Another out and back on a waterfront path.

What kind of exercise do you do when you travel? Sound off in the comments!


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