July Fit Snack box

July Fit Snack Box Review: Going Bananas

Focus. That’s what I need more of sometimes, and Fit Snack knew it. July was a blur of a month: BlogFest, a speaking engagement, a family vacation. My July Fit Snack box helped me conquer it.

July Fit Snack box

July Fit Snack box, fortified with tastiness.

Nutryttivia Banana Bar. This 100% natural banana bar was really tasty and gave me a quick blood sugar boost on a busy day. And it did taste rather banana-ish, too.

Emerald Essentials Protein Bar. This bar was pretty tasty, too! It had 20g of protein and only 3g of sugar, so I was able to power through the airport and a Southwest flight without my blood sugar crashing. Save 20% with the code FITBAR777.

Fortified Nutrition Beef Stick. By now, we should all know what happens when I see a beef stick. It disappears, and this was no exception. I’d carry these with me everywhere if I could.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts. At this point, I’ve got more hemp hearts than I know what to do with.

Chosen Foods Chia Bites. These were such a fun snack. There was a tropical fruit flavor and a vanilla flavor, and I liked the vanilla better.

LifeAid Focus Aid. From the makers of Fit Aid: Focus Aid! The blend has yerba mate and green tea, and the jury is still out regarding how well it actually helped me focus on the massive amount of work I had to do upon returning from vacation. I did feel like it gave me a boost, though.

ArrowBar Performance Bar. This all-natural bar was another great “rushing through the airport because my Lyft got stuck in traffic” snack. Being gluten-free was a nice bonus, too. Save 15% with the code FITSNACK15.

Love Grown Foods Polar Puffs. Just add soy milk to these navy/lentil/garbanzo bean puffs, and you’ve got a tasty snack.

VitaFive Vitamins. These daily gummy vitamin packs came as a bonus. You can order them, and the company sends you packets with your name on the back in four-week subscription increments. Save 50% with the code FIT50.

Ultimately, it was another really great box, and I have yet another Fit Snack box waiting for unboxing and taste-testing. The July workout was a five-day HIIT  and ISO plan, which I didn’t do but approve of greatly!


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