July Barbella Box review

July Barbella Box Review: Out of the Box with Miranda

Barbella Box isn’t an inexpensive box, which is why I took a break from it. However, the siren song of the July box was too much to resist, so I purchased it for the goodies and to write this Barbella Box review of the Miranda Olyroyd box. Have they worked out the kinks yet? The box contained:

July Barbella Box review

WAAS Custom Arrow Bracelet – I was so pleased with this We Are All Smith and Miranda Olyroyd collaboration for Barbella Box. First of all, the bracelet has removable links, so I was able to get it to fit on my ridiculously small wrist. It’s also a really pretty gold bracelet (bronze with 18K gold plating) and has such a beautiful story behind it that I want to wear it all the time to remind me that setbacks are not the end of me.

Linchpin “Happy Barbell” Tank – I can’t wear this and scowl at CrossFit. I just can’t. It was designed by CrossFit Linchpin, where Miranda Olyroyd trains. And the formula is true: put a barbell in my hands, and I’m instantly in a better mood (unless thrusters are involved, and then all bets are off).

W.O.D. Welder Coffee Soap – Coffee and soap combined into one? Yes! I actually just like having this soap in my bathroom and smelling it when I need a quick pick me up. But allegedly it’s also infused with ground coffee and coffee essential oil to stimulate cell renewal.

Flag Nor Fail Headband – Is it possible to have too many headbands? (You might have to look into my bathroom drawer for that answer…) No surrender, no fail – and that includes the baby hairs trying to escape during a tough WOD.

Caveman Coffee Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil – I’ve never heard of MCT oil. Apparently I live in a bubble. It’s supposed to increase energy and stamina, boost metabolism, improve and sustain digestive health, support mental clarity… all the good stuff. I can’t attest to any of this, as I’ve only had one serving in my protein shake. We’ll see, right?

Progenex Cocoon Sample – It’s the protein hot chocolate – casein protein powder that helps you sleep and regenerate while you’re snoozing. I haven’t tried this yet, mainly because I keep forgetting.

This time, a card explaining what everything is was included, which made it much easier to write this Barbella Box review. I definitely think they’re doing a great job working out the kinks, although they’re still using that shredded blue paper, which my cat still loves to eat.

The verdict? Yes! I’m looking forward to my next black box in the mail.


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