Marathon training for CrossFitters. Photo by Rob Salinas.

Marathon Training Tips for CrossFitters

I love to run. I love CrossFit. With marathon training – specifically, training for the Houston Chevron Marathon – bearing down on me, I took my training plan to my CrossFit coach (this lady, who is also an RRCA-certified running coach). My goal is to finish the marathon, my first, upright and smiling and somewhere around the 4:15-4:30 mark. And not lose all the progress I’ve made in the box these past few months.

Marathon training for CrossFitters. Photo by Rob Salinas.

I love running. I love CrossFit.

I found a marathon training plan that calls for three runs per week: two speed work, one long run. On Tuesdays, I’ll do a track workout. Thursdays, I’ll do a tempo run. Saturdays, I’ll do my long run. The thing about CrossFit is, it’s not really crosstraining for running in the traditional sense, and I’m okay with that. Again, the idea is to finish. Here’s what my typical training week will look like, starting at the end of the month.

The Basic Marathon Training Plan

Monday: CrossFit. Since I’ll also be in a position to do it, I’ll take a yoga class that night.

Tuesday: Track workout. Holly emphasized the importance of maintaining consistent splits and consistent speed during my intervals. Depending on how I feel afterward, I’ll go to CrossFit.

Wednesday: CrossFit.

Thursday: Tempo run and barbell class. If I’m able, I’ll go to yoga that night, because the yoga class at the box is very gentle and restorative. I will most definitely need that.

Friday: Active rest, especially as I get into longer runs on Saturdays. I *might* come to CrossFit and go light if I’m doing 10 miles the next day. If I’m doing more than 10 miles the next day, I’ll go swimming for half an hour, ride my bike, go for a long Pokewalk, or go to a half-hour circuit class. It’s going to be a total “how my body feels” kind of thing.

Saturday: Long run. I’ll be starting with a 10 mile run the first week. My 20-miler is week 12. Negative splits will be extremely important.

Sunday: Rest. Foam rolling. Mobility.

Other Things to Note

I’ve also gotten a lot of perspective since my injury, which is why my goal is 4:15-4:30. Age is not on my side. My aging knees and back are not on my side. As I train, I need to listen to my body and dial back as needed. (You’ll notice I didn’t say “ramp up,” because I tend to push myself really hard.)

Also, I’m going to need to learn to love ice baths. I’m so not looking forward to that.

Any other CrossFitters who have successfully trained for a marathon? What advice do you have?


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