Friday Five: Aware with Pink, Ready for the Weekend

Friday Five: Aware with Pink, Ready for the Weekend

It’s Friday! I’m not actually running tomorrow, but I have a race on Sunday, and I’m super-excited about it. I haven’t raced since April. Not that the weather in Texas is conducive to anything faster than a slow trudge… ahem.

So, to kick off the weekend and in preparation for my race, I’m sharing a Friday Five: what makes me feel aware and empowered.

Tunes that Inspire

I’m looking at my playlist right now for the songs that will keep me running on Sunday. My three favorite racing songs are:

  • LL Cool J, “Mama Said Knock You Out” – Don’t call it a comeback. This song is always first on my racing playlist. It gets me pumped but also keeps me from running out of the gate too fast.
  • Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch, “Good Vibrations” – It’s a feel-good song that usually starts playing around Mile 6 or so.
  • Nick Fradani, “Beautiful Life” – I try to time this song so it plays right about the time I can see the finish line.

Side note: I’d love to win a pair of Aftershokz PINK headphones – they’d be awesome for being aware of other runners while still letting me listen to my pumped-up playlist.

Giving Back

Before I moved, I used to run a 5K in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year. I haven’t since then. I’m actually getting a fundraising page set up for the Chevron Houston Marathon for the American Heart Association. Heart disease has taken a lot from my family, and anything I can do to help find a cure, to make people aware of the signs of heart disease, is incredibly important to me.┬áIf there’s just one cause I can support wholeheartedly, this is it.

Nevertheless, one of the ribbons on my racing bib will be pink.


CrossFit yoga

One word: yoga. Specifically, Thursday night yoga with Sean D Yoga at the box. This is where I physically and mentally unwind. I love Sean’s playlists and instruction, and how she’s able to help me become more aware of my body’s needs. One of the things I forget to do is breathe, to stop and take note of what my body is telling me. Discomfort? Run harder. At yoga, Sean encourages us to do what our bodies are asking for, whether it’s going deeper into a twist or scaling back.

Inspiring Threads

My beloved Lululemon speed shorts

Would you believe I haven’t figured out what I’m going to wear on Sunday? I kind of wish I had a space taco shirt. (A taco flying through space.) Lately, my go-to shorts have been either Lululemon Speed Shorts or Athleta’s new Track This Run shorts for both running and CrossFit. I’ve started re-introducing capris into my wardrobe for yoga – the weather is finally cooling off! And I love tanks with fun sayings for CrossFit. I need to laugh during wall balls. Desperately.


Inspiring Friends


Inspiring Friend: SpeedyJ

This was a tough one. I have a lot of friends that inspire me: the Veterinarian, CrossFit C, Sweet Eureka, SpeedyD…

But the first one that always comes to mind is SpeedyJ. (That’s us after the 2014 Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Road Race.) We met when her youngest and my oldest were in the same class. I was completely intimidated by her because she had run a marathon (almost – she ran Boston in 2013 and was re-routed at mile 24), but I made myself sit across from her at a kid birthday party. Best. Decision. Ever.

I won’t go into SpeedyJ’s life story; it’s her story to tell. What I will say is that this woman is one of the strongest women I know, physically and mentally. She pushed me and encouraged me when we started running together. She started teaching me how to do handstands and climb ropes. She inspired me to start CrossFit. She sets an amazing example every day: for her daughters, for her patients, and for everyone around her.

What’s your Friday Five? Who inspires you? What empowers you?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by AfterShokz in an effort to spread awareness about their new Pink Trekz headphones, in partnership with Bright Pink to support and spread awareness around breast cancer awareness. All opinions and words are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands the support the Sweat Pink community.


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