Marathon training week 2: rope climbs

Marathon Training Week 2 Recap: Tacos and Torture

Happy Monday! Last week was Marathon Training Week 2. Just 14 more weeks until the Chevron Houston Marathon… and the self-doubt is still strong.

Let me back up. I’m writing this post after a disappointing showing at the Space City 10 Miler (recap to come this week!) and nearly meeting the CrossFit foe/mascot Pukie while running. On every run. So here’s how it went:

Monday: CrossFit. We ran a mile, hard. If you could run it in less than 7 minutes, you did zero burpees. Less than 8 minutes, 5 burpees. Less than 9 minutes, 10 burpees. Everyone else, 15 burpees. I clocked in at 7:23, legs and lungs burning, and did my burpees without complaint.

That night, I took a yoga class instead of the Pilates class I’ve been going to, and it was very restorative. I think that’s going to be my new Monday night class for a few more weeks.

Marathon training week 2: rope climbs

Up the rope I go.

Tuesday: CrossFit, yay! We did rope climbs. We hadn’t done those in a while, so I was happily doing the foot-wrap thing and hauling myself up. (Side note: Vertically challenged people will find the rope more challenging. It’s a fact.) Then, I found out I was doing toes to bar all wrong, so I have yet another thing on my long, long list of CrossFit things I need to improve.

Afterward, I did a run that was supposed to be a 5-mile tempo run. I did a one-mile warmup, then 4.67 at a slow tempo pace. My splits were in the 9:15 range, which is slower than what my tempo pace should be, but it was also hot and humid. I stopped short because Pukie was running behind me, and he wanted me to dry-heave into a trash can. I did dry-heave. And then I walked home.

Marathon training week 2: Torchy's Tacos

And tacos, because Tuesday.


Wednesday: CrossFit. Barbell step-ups were involved.

Thursday: Barbell class. Intervals – I was supposed to do 4x1200m, but I overslept and ended up having to run after Barbell. That was about as much fun as Tuesday; I ran a one-mile warmup, ran hard for .75 miles, recovery-jogged for .25 miles – and only made it through 3 repeats. Pukie wanted to try to say hi again.

I also went to yoga class – it was as much for my mind as it was for my sore, sore muscles. Marathon training week 2 was hard on my legs. They’re not skinny runner’s legs anymore.

Friday: I’m so not doing this again for the foreseeable future. I went to CrossFit, since I wasn’t running Saturday. The front squats and 200m runs did exactly what I didn’t need them to do: made my legs even sorer. This was NOT a good thing heading into the weekend.

Saturday: Foam rolling. Mobility. Rest.

Sunday: Space City 10-miler, run at a hard pace. This race deserves a separate recap, especially for the figurative CrossFit clown mascot that tried to say hi. However, if it was a mid-tempo run on my training plan, I would have hit my goal pace.

It’s a mixed bag. On one hand, I got in most of my mileage. I ran a great CrossFit mile. I now have a race under my belt this season. On the other hand, I tired myself out needlessly.

Marathon training week 2 lessons learned: No CrossFit on Fridays. Don’t push yourself too hard on hot, humid days.

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