August Barbella Box

August Barbella Box Review: Let’s Get Tropical

The subscription boxes I get usually show up toward the end of any given month. The August Barbella Box was no exception, and then I needed to test out the products. Barbella Box set a tropical theme for August. As I live in a humid, sub-tropical climate, I had visions of pineapples and frosty drinks dancing in my head. What I got was gear that will make me smile as the humid weather cedes to a slightly chilly winter.

August Barbella Box

August Barbella Box: Tropical!

Unbroken Designs Velcro Belt: The August Barbella Box included a limited edition lifting belt from Unbroken Designs, quite possibly one of my favorite brands. Unbroken Designs stands for pushing your limits. I own the Unbroken necklace because a portion of the proceeds go toward Phoenix Multisport, which promotes fitness as a way of overcoming addiction. Anyway, the belt is fantastic – it immediately replaced the one I already own. It’s super-easy to adjust, and the tropical print is more fun than other belts.

Doc Spartan Armpit Armor: Most of the deodorants we use are pretty bad for us. Doc Spartan Armpit Armor is all-natural. It’s naturally activated charcoal, and from my testing, works every bit as well as the stuff with aluminum that’s giving us all cancer.

LiveSore Pineapple Socks: LiveSore isn’t one of my favorite brands; their brand ambassador program leaves a lot to be desired. That said, these soft socks are perfect for protecting your shins and calves during rope climbs and deadlifts.

Amino Freeze Pops: How many times this summer did I come in from a run, dripping in sweat, ready to trade a kidney for something cold? I’d rather not say. These freeze pops are fantastic because not only are they tasty, they’re full of amino acids to help rebuild muscle.

Barbell Babes Sunglasses: Okay, color me unimpressed. The Barbell Babes sunglasses are like the inexpensive swag I get at conferences (and, most recently, at a race). Barbell Babes, you can do better! That said, I wear them a lot, because if I lose a pair of cheap sunglasses, I won’t be sad.

The verdict? The August Barbella Box theme was tight. I liked how everything tied in nicely. I also really loved the belt and deodorant. Barbella Box also does a good job including a card with an explanation of what everything is. The only thing I still don’t like is all the confetti! (But my cat does.)

I skipped the September Christmas Abbott box because of the words on the mug, so I won’t have a review until November. Happy WODding!


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