marathon training week 3

Marathon Training Week 3 Recap: You Say Tempo, I Say Pokerun

Marathon training week 3 is complete! Just 13 more weeks to go until I attempt my first marathon. It’s a little strange to see these 20+ mile weeks. This past week, not counting CrossFit (more on that later!), I ran almost 25 miles. Here’s how it went:

Monday: You know what’s probably¬†not a good idea the day after a 10-mile race? Going to CrossFit. That was the first time I’ve seen running on the whiteboard and said not-nice words. I powered through it.

I went to yoga that night, forgetting that it was a substitute instructor. This was the first truly bad yoga class I’ve ever attended. The instructor:

  • relied entirely too much on planks and core work;
  • had a grating voice;
  • didn’t explain the poses;
  • didn’t offer modifications for more advanced poses.

Needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience. If I go tonight, I’m going to make sure she’s not the one teaching.

Tuesday: I switched my 7-mile tempo run to Tuesday and skipped CrossFit. I took it slow. I actually fired up Pokemon GO! on my phone, hatched all my eggs, and stopped to catch Pokemon. It felt good just to run and shake out my tired, sore legs.

Wednesday: CrossFit! We did a bunch of cleans, jerks, and clean and jerks. And heavy squats for good measure.

Thursday: I did 6x800m repeats on the track. I like running when it’s still dark. However, that makes it harder to see the geniuses running the wrong way on the track. My second, seventh, and eighth laps were slower than the rest.

Then, I went to Barbell class. It was a heavy load day, which meant trying to do 105% of our one-rep maxes.

Marathon training week 3: ugly cleans

Some people ugly cry. I ugly clean.

I did not hit 105%, but I did hit 100%. That picture above is me doing a very, very ugly clean at almost 75% of my body weight. I could make a list of all the things I did wrong (I have it on video):

  • I started with a rounded back.
  • I paused too long at the top of my knees.
  • I pulled my elbows too soon.
  • I fought the bar.

Ultimately, I’m just glad that, so far, knock on wood, I haven’t lost any strength.

I also went to Thursday night yoga at the box. Sean’s voice and class undid all the anger and discontent I felt from my Monday class.

Friday: I woke up feeling terrible. I slept an extra couple of hours. I went to the optometrist and was pleased that he only made minor tweaks to my contact lens prescription. I went on an after dinner Pokewalk.

Saturday: Long run day! I met up with some new friends closer to my house (and earlier in the morning – let’s just say we were running for a good hour before we could even see pavement under our feet). I was planning on 12, but I felt so good that I tacked on an extra mile. I ran with the pack for six miles, and then they broke off, and it was just me and my footfalls and music in one ear. I stopped for water. I stopped to eat a gel. And I stopped to take a picture because it was breathtakingly gorgeous:

marathon training week 3

I live in a beautiful part of the country.

Afterward, I took some extra time stretching and got a soy latte on my drive home.

Sunday: My active recovery involved a brisk cart-pushing through Kroger and some scampering around running last-minute errands for a business trip.

Of note last week: my nutrition has been horrendous. I had queso cravings all week. Queso doesn’t taste good without tortilla chips. Do you see where this is going? This week, I’m traveling for work. I bought some oatmeal packets to eat for breakfast so I don’t eat the conference pastries.

Also, I have 176 miles on my latest pair of running shoes, so I’m going to have to get new ones soon and rotate them in. Good thing there’s a Dick’s Sporting Goods opening this week near me…


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