September Fit Snack Box

September Fit Snack Box Review: Rawxies and Dang

There’s something about getting a blue box packed with treats that makes the day better. The September Fit Snack box was full of brands new to me, and I was pretty excited to try them.

September Fit Snack Box

Back Attack Snacks Almonds: Fit Snack sent the wasabi ginger almonds in my box, and they were interesting. I’m not a huge wasabi fan, but the ginger had a nice bite to it. I’d be interested in trying the other flavors, because I do love almonds.

Dang Foods Coconut Chips: These chips, which are hand-picked from Thai coconuts, lightly toasted, and dusted with cocoa powder and sea salt, were totally new to me. You can sprinkle them on plain yogurt for an extra bit of flavor or eat them by themselves. I enjoyed them and came very close to getting a bag at Kroger.

Rawxies Heart Bar: I tore right into this treat. It’s gluten-free and dairy-free. The Rawxies bar was definitely a treat, though; it tasted a little like a chocolate brownie.

Dark Dog Organics Energy Drink: I was excited to try this, which has coconut water. I wasn’t crazy about the taste, though. The good news is, it’s organic and non-GMO. And I do like getting new stuff to try, even if it’s something I didn’t enjoy very much. It’s very coconutty, which isn’t my thing.

Purely Inspired Protein: I took this packet of protein with me on a trip. There are 20g of protein and 7g of fiber, and it’s a great post-workout protein that tastes good and blends well in a shaker bottle.

AlphaMind Coffee: It was on the card but not in my box. But I did get chia bites and some crunchies, so it was almost okay. I love coffee, so I was sad that it wasn’t included. Don’t tease me like that!

Shine Organics: You know those cool squeezable applesauce pouches for kids? This one’s for grownups. It has chia and vanilla and other ingredients blended together.

Raw Rev Superfood Bar: I’ve had these before, and they’re great. They’re vegan and include coconut oil and chia seeds. And they taste great.

Do you get the Fit Snack box? What was your favorite September Fit Snack Box item?


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