Marathon Training Week 4: CrossFit Southie

Marathon Training Week 4 Recap: Rest Week

I really feel like Marathon Training Week 4 was a rest week, even though it wasn’t. I traveled to Boston for a conference on Tuesday, had two days of almost absolutely nothing, and ate a cannoli, a miniature lobster roll, and some assorted food that I probably shouldn’t admit to consuming. With 12 weeks to go until the Chevron Houston Marathon, I’m worrying a bit. Plus I have a half marathon on Sunday that’s supposed to be a tune-up race.

Here’s how Marathon Training Week 4 went:

Monday: CrossFit. I was expecting a running WOD, which is why I slept in and didn’t run intervals that morning. So imagine my delight when I saw the CrossFit Total WOD on the whiteboard! It went really well.

That evening, instead of a yoga class (and still smarting from last week’s), I ran intervals on the treadmill – basically, three one-mile intervals, with a quarter-mile jog in between. It was not fun, but Grease was on TV, so I slogged through it.

Tuesday: Travel day! My flight to Boston left at 7:50 am, so I had to be out the door at 6 am. I spent the afternoon walking around the city, stopping in the North End at Modern Pastry for the aforementioned cannoli and listening to people speak Italian. My FitBit tells me that I walked 19,490 steps.

Marathon Training Week 4: Playground

D-Street Playground.


CrossFit at CrossFit Southie. I love drop-ins! The workout was burpees and thrusters, and running, and the people there are beasts. The facility is huge – they have two gyms, a ton of equipment, and a plate graveyard.

Marathon Training Week 4: CrossFit Southie

I collect handstand pictures like I collect shirts.

Also, I did a great deal of pull-ups, pacing, and yelling at the TV while I watched the debate with my Airbnb hostess and her friends.


A 4.25-mile run, guided by the kind folks at the Westin Seaport. The first half-mile on that run was me running to the Westin, since I was staying in the aforementioned Airbnb apartment.

Marathon Training Week 4

New England chow: clam chowder and a lobster roll.


By Friday, I felt exhausted. I overslept, went to a couple sessions, and then took a yoga class at South Boston Yoga Center. The room was too hot, there was a guy in the class that insisted on doing that loud, annoying “yoga breathing” thing, and the instructor burned incense at the end (I’m allergic). That said, it was still a really good class, and the instructor offered modifications and was very soothing. I think I might have dozed off during savansana. (Like I said, I was exhausted. At least I didn’t wake up in 1996.)


Still exhausted. I dragged my very sleepy carcass out of bed and ran 10 miles. The last few miles, I was all about the intervals. But you know what? The weather was finally cooler (I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt). I was with some great people. And I made it through the entire run, exhausted or not, and gave myself a thorough stretching afterward.


Grocery cart through Kroger.

At this point, Marathon Training Week 4 is over. I’m 12 weeks out – and have that half marathon on Sunday. I ran 19.3 miles this past week. I’m putting in the mileage. I will do this. Right? Right?



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