Marathon Training Week 6: The 15-mile crew

Marathon Training Week 6 Recap: All the Turtles

Marathon Training Week 6 was full of slow running and a strong desire for ice baths. After the disappointment that was the Houston Half Marathon, I went through a week of pure soreness and some mental gymnastics that ultimately are making me question my decision to run a full marathon.
Marathon Training Week 6: The Devil Does CrossFit

You don’t snatch with a tail?

Monday: I felt sore from the Houston Half Marathon, but I knew I had to keep moving. In that vein, I put on my CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen shirt, a set of devil horns, and a sparkly red tail and went to CrossFit. I went light and easy, just to keep the blood flowing: we ran a mile and then did a series of things like snatches, shoulders to overhead, burpees, jumping rope, handstand pushups, etc. I did feel better, even though my legs were pretty leaden.
Tuesday: I overslept, so I didn’t get to the track for speedwork. That was actually a good thing, because my delayed onset muscle soreness couldn’t wait to say hi. CrossFit was fine, but I skipped running. Also, I did situps on the glute-ham developer for the first time. I was pleased that Holly didn’t shoo me away from it and showed me how to get used to it. That’s a beast of a machine; it needs to be respected because it’s the rhabdo-maker. Also, it left me sore well into Saturday.
Wednesday: Still not great. I went to CrossFit, and then I did a slow 6-mile run. My knees and hip weren’t too happy with me, so I made the decision, one mile into my run, that speedwork was off the table for this week.
Thursday: Barbell class. Front squats were torture. I focused on my clean, and I might finally be getting the hang of getting under the bar, rather than using my little arms to try to pull it up higher. I went for a slow 5-mile run. This one felt worse.
Friday: I was so ready for a rest day! I wanted to go to a yoga class, but the plan was to ride my bike there. Both tires needed air, and I spent entirely too much time fumbling with the pump, so I missed the yoga class. Instead, I went for a nice, slow ride and caught some Pokemon.
Marathon Training Week 6: The 15-mile crew
Saturday: Long run day! I decided to go with MRTT, since our chapter leader had arranged for a chiropractor to meet us afterward. A bunch of us met in a parking lot at are you kidding o’clock, and then Sweet Eureka, KS, NP, and I ran 15 miles in a pack. We went slow; that’s okay. At this point, as I said, I’m just trying to get in the mileage. Around halfway through, we stopped for a bathroom break. I had brought GU with me, but I realized that just is not enough; nine miles in, I was really hungry and kind of worried about an impending hypoglycemic reaction. NP saved the day with a granola bar. After that, I felt much better. We ran down some trails and were passed by some guys from Powerhouse, and they offered us water from the coolers they had strategically chained around their route, which coincided with ours. I still don’t think I drank enough water; when I got home, I was cramping and miserable.
After our run, Tricia’s husband brought us breakfast burritos, and Dr. Earl Hendrikz did some work on us. I was impressed, even though I was in a world of pain while he worked on me (see: Exhibit A). He was able to tell that I had rolled my left ankle really bad at some point (true, multiple times), and whatever he did made my back feel better. So I got his card.
Marathon Training Week 6: Dr. Pain

Exhibit A: Hello there, Dr. Pain.

Sunday: Grocery shopping, meal prepping, and some hip opening and ankle mobility yoga.

What I Learned During Marathon Training Week 6

  • Hydration is not optional. I hadn’t been hydrating very well this past week, and it came out in full force on Saturday’s long run. I need to drink a lot more water.
  • Bring food. First, I don’t think I ate enough pre-run (I only had a Clif Bar and orange juice). So I’m going to have to get up even earlier to eat a PB&J sandwich or something that more closely resembles breakfast. I’m also going to have to bring my own nutrition on my run.
  • My nutrition needs to be on point. I’m struggling with it, so I think I’m going to need advice. Again.

Also, if you want to donate to a great cause, consider donating to the American Heart Association. I’m running this marathon in honor of my late Grandma Ethel. You can donate here.

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