Marathon training week 7 long run

Marathon Training Week 7: Long Lonely Run

Marathon training week 7 ended with a whimper. Actually, it was more like whining. I started off the week strong, but by Sunday, all I could think about was sleep.

Marathon training week 7 long run

Monday: CrossFit. I love snatches.

Tuesday: I did 800m repeats at the track, and I felt okay. I wasn’t particularly speedy, but I ran them as best as I could. Then, I went to CrossFit, where the WOD had running and thrusters. I had also managed to pull something in my abs demonstrating knees to elbows, so that portion of the WOD was agony. Thrusters are my Pukie-meeting movement, and I did quite nearly meet him. At the end of the WOD, I was having a hard time holding it together.

Wednesday: CrossFit. Pukie left me alone. It was a partner-ish WOD, and I paired up with someone who was there for her trial class.

Thursday: A 5.6-mile tempo run that felt really good in the pre-dawn light, followed by barbell class. I felt very Beast Mode at barbell class, probably because we were using lower percentages. Or maybe because I’m getting better at getting under the bar for cleans. I also went to Thursday night yoga at the box to stretch my poor, sore muscles.

Friday: A Poke-walk. I caught enough Poliwags to evolve my Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath. I also ate a chicken burrito for lunch and chicken asparagus pasta for dinner – this detail is important since I’ve been trying to fuel better for my long runs.

Saturday: Long run Saturday for marathon training week 7! I had 16-17 miles on my calendar, and I had planned to run with AC and KB from my new running group. AC and KB are much faster than me, though, and I was determined to start slow. By Mile 2, I could see KB’s blinking lights ahead. So for 17 miles, I was pretty much by myself, although other members of my running group doing the route passed me, since we did an out-and-back. Here’s what it felt like to run 17 miles, my longest run to date:

Mile 1-2: I do not want to do this. Thoughts commence spinning wildly.

Mile 5: The sun was rising, and I couldn’t help but thank God for a beautiful, low-humidity Texas morning. I ate a GU and refilled my water bottle.

Mile 7: I had to use the bathroom. There was no bathroom. Thoughts immediately turn to where I might find a real bathroom, as opposed to using a spot on the side of the road.

Mile 8.5: Whataburger! Sweet, sweet Whataburger! I had no cash, so I settled for using their bathroom and eating the Bonk Breaker I had brought with me. Then, I kept running. Wild yet happy thoughts commence.

Mile 10: Water stop. I can’t believe I still have 7 more miles to go.

Mile 13: My legs are so tired.

Mile 14: I literally start crying. I’m tired, I’m lonely, and my brain is trying to eat itself. I ate another GU.

Mile 15: My legs are sore, and my knees are starting to protest. My right hamstring is straight-up furious with me. I have to stop for a crosswalk, and it takes all my willpower to start cycling my feet in a run.

Mile 17: Oh, thank God. I stopped my watch and walked. I guzzled the last of my water.

Afterward, I picked up a 5-pound bag of ice, then immersed my lower half in an ice bath. It helped a lot. I took a nap. I took a lot of Advil.

Sunday: Sore from the long run, but better. My rest day consisted of pushing a cart around Kroger.


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