October Fit Snack Box

October Fit Snack Box Review: DIY Kombucha

As marathon training ramps up, I’m always hungry. My October Fit Snack Box had some interesting items, including something that is amazing while I take my ice baths.

October Fit Snack Box

Cultures for Health Kombucha: Fit Snack packed in a DIY Kombucha kit. I’m still skeptical of kombucha; I tried some store-bought kombucha, and it wasn’t very good. I’m steeling myself to make a batch. It’s possible to make kombucha for less than $1 per gallon. That makes me feel silly for paying $3 for a bottle of it.

Miracle Tree Tea: The October Fit Snack Box came with some amazing chocolate-flavored Moringa tea. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. I like brewing a nice, hot cup and sipping it while I take my Saturday morning post-long run ice baths.

Tera’s Whey Protein: This protein powder is natural and earth-friendly. I’ve packed it to try on a trip.

RW Garcia Tortilla Chips: Chips are pretty much the first thing that gets consumed out of my Fit Snack boxes. I like that these are non-GMO verified.

Shine Organics: One of the pouches I received in my box was the Calm flavor. I consumed it pretty quickly. These pouches are squeezable, like the applesauce pouches I get for my kids. However, they’re designed to support adult lifestyles.

Tessamae’s Organic Dressing: Good thing this arrived, because I’m all out of salad dressing. I do like a good organic salad dressing, although my caveat with all dressings is to make sure it doesn’t throw your macros out of whack.

The final verdict? I would have liked more actual snacks. I know kombucha is a big thing right now, but it kind of scares me. The tea was amazing, though, and I loved the tortilla chips.

Did you get an October Fit Snack Box? What were your favorite items?

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