Marathon Training Week 8 scenery

Marathon Training Week 8: Take It to the City

Amid all the craziness of marathon training week 8, I had a trip to The City for work. New York City, to be exact. I did exactly no speedwork; my knees have been hurting, along with my lower back.

Marathon Training Week 8 scenery

Seen on the run.

Monday: My usual CrossFit class. We did a partner WOD, and my partner was someone who lifts way heavier than me. Fortunately, we could use separate barbells. I think we made a good team.

Tuesday: I overslept, so I went to CrossFit first. I would call that a huge mistake; the WOD had squats and wall balls. My legs felt like jelly afterward. Instead of doing speedwork afterward, I plodded through four miles.

Wednesday: Travel day! I went to the 5:15 am CrossFit class. Then I spent time scurrying to the airport Starbucks, sitting on a plane (“I sat next to you because you’re petite!” My response? “So is my bladder.”), and sitting in a Lyft for two hours in Manhattan traffic. When I got to my hotel, I literally dumped my stuff in the center of my tiny room and happily wandered around the West Village. I proceeded to ruin my week of good nutrition with a slice from Joe’s and various offerings at Brooklyn Bowl.

Thursday: All that junk food had formed an angry ball in my stomach. I dragged myself out of bed and ran seven miles down the Hudson River Greenway. I got to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and some pretty foliage on the other side of the river. Then I had a full day of meetings, followed by The Humans and ramen at Totto Ramen.

Marathon training week 8 route

Friday: I walked a lot. My feet hurt, and so did my back from the hotel bed. I bought a pair of emergency Toms to keep in my travel bag from now on. I flew home, landing at 8:30 pm and happily collapsing into my own super-comfortable bed. But I did not get to sleep there long.

Saturday: Both my group runs were thwarted! The first one was cancelled due to wind. At the second one, no cars were at the usual meeting place. Sighing heavily, I returned home and ran my 13 painful miles in my neighborhood. My feet still ached from Friday, and it was windy. It was just a miserable, slow run on not enough sleep and angry feet. Being done and showering was the best part.

Sunday: Rest day, which really meant hefting a large turkey into my shopping cart, along with other sundry chores.

I’m halfway through this training cycle. Eight weeks to go! I have no doubt that I’ll cross upright. I look at it this way: if I can get through these long, lonely runs, I can get through 26.2 miles with crowds cheering.

Also, please consider donating to the American Heart Association; it’s why I’m running this marathon.


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