marathon training week 9: thanksgiving

Marathon Training Week 9: Carb-Loading with Pie

Marathon training week 9 coincided nicely (or not so nicely) with Thanksgiving. I also realized that the CrossFit Open begins about 45 days after the Chevron Houston Marathon, which gives me a few good weeks of recovery before I start trying to lift heavy things. It also scares me because I don’t want to lose any of my CrossFit fitness during this marathon training cycle. With that in mind, here’s how the week went.

marathon training week 9: pancakes

I ate Van’s Gluten Free pancakes. They were good.

Monday: CrossFit. I love starting off my week with CrossFit, even when I have to go early.

Tuesday: CrossFit, complete with wall balls. I had started off the day with a run, and going to CrossFit and doing wall balls after was torture. Wall balls alone make my legs feel like jelly. Wall balls after running makes me want to cry.

Wednesday: CrossFit.

marathon training week 9: thanksgiving

Thankful for this view.

Thursday: Thanksgiving! I started off my day with an 8-mile run and watched the sun come up at the part of the street I call the “end of the world” (it dead-ends into the prairie). I found a new trail past a pond full of ducks. Then I immediately started the turkey and stuffing when I came home.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving – the relatives that came over were fun to be with. The food was fantastic. My husband had made a lemon chiffon pie, and it was just amazing.

Friday: “Rest.” I got it in my head to go to IKEA, so my active rest day consisted of hauling furniture to my car, getting help putting it in said car, and getting help getting it up to my home office. The good news is, I now have a better couch and desk, and I got to eat a few bites of the IKEA chocolate cake that my son couldn’t finish.

marathon training week 9: MRTT

We must be crazy. Or I am.

SaturdayMarathon training week 9 comes with an 18-mile run. Sweet Eureka, NP, and I were the only ones running that far, so we met up at zero dark thirty to get it done. The first six miles were the worst, I think. We made a couple of stops, one at a gas station, and the other at a bathroom. (We used bathrooms in both places.) I felt extra-thirsty when we were at the gas station, so I used Apple Pay to get a sports drink. I also ate my Bonk Breaker and a couple of GUs during the run and used my new hydration backpack. NP once again came to the rescue with ibuprofen, which was much appreciated with my knees.

Of note: The hydration backpack is a Teton Sports 2-liter, and while the sloshing initially annoyed me, I loved having so much water on my back. I wore CW-X Stabilyx capris, and they are amazing. While I was sore, I didn’t need an ice bath and actually felt pretty good the rest of the day.

Sunday: Church. Kroger. The usual.

If you’re training for a winter marathon, how’s your training going?

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