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Marathon Training Week 10: There Are No Words

Marathon training week 10 did not start off well. I felt so, so sore from the 18-mile run last week that it rippled into this week. Plus, I think I hurt my foot or my ankle because pain is radiating from my arch upward.

marathon training week 9: Trying to sit still

Trying to sit still

Monday: CrossFit. The programming involved front squats, followed by walking lunges. We all know what that means, right?

Tuesday: I woke up with sore quads. I went to CrossFit, and my coach had thoughtfully programmed the WOD to even out the soreness with deadlifts. I crushed that WOD; I scaled appropriately and cycled the deadlifts. I jumped on a hobbit-sized box. I ran the 400 meters in between rounds like a boss. But I didn’t run more miles that day. My legs were not up to the task.

Wednesday: CrossFit. Power cleans, toes to bar, and a core cashout.

Thursday: I figured that in marathon training week 10, I needed to at least run, so I retired my Asics Gel Nimbus 18s and laced up the new Brooks Glycerin 14s. My legs protested, but I ran 5 miles before I went to barbell class. Then, that night, I went to yoga.

marathon training new shoes

I love my new Brooks Glycerin 14s.

Friday: My ankle started bothering me. I took a Pokewalk and a trip to Johnson Space Center.

Saturday: I woke up to rain and wind. I really, really did not want to run 15 miles. I laced up anyway. The good news is, my ankle didn’t feel any worse. The bad news is, it still hurts. I only ran 13.8 miles. I had a lot of moments where I didn’t think I could keep running, and I kept dangling the “I can’t quit” carrot. At around 13 miles, I was just in too much discomfort to keep running, so I ran to where walking back wouldn’t mean me being a soggy, miserable mess. My hot shower and coffee were delicious.

marathon training week 9

That was miserable

Sunday: Rest. The rain seeped into my bones, and I felt completely exhausted.

I have six weeks to go. I have a chiropractor appointment this week. I have no doubt I’ll be able to cross the finish line, at least, in my good moments.

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