October Barbella Box

October Barbella Box Review: Healing CrossFit Wounds

I couldn’t resist signing up for the October Barbella Box. I wanted to try the Chestee, and I always enjoy the goodies in the box. When it arrived, I eagerly tore into it, despite the aqua-colored confetti that gets everywhere. It contained:

October Barbella Box

The Chestee Tiffany Sports Bra: So what’s so special about the Chestee? It’s padded – at the collarbone. There is no padding at the bust, something that gives me pause in a cold gym – and can be unflattering. But the collarbone padding is genius and fantastic for heavy clean WODs.

Jerkfit Nubs: I keep tape in my gym bag for those WODs where hook grips are not optional. Tape gets sweaty and annoying, and it bunches up. Nubs are stretchy fabric, and they stay in place. I like these a lot.

Pulse Skin Care Bruise-Be-Gone: This oil is something to apply once you realize you’re going to bruise, like when you bang your collarbone. It’s made with almond oil, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, and vitamins E, C, and A. I loved the smell, and it felt nice on a bruise on my leg.

Mental Titan Koios: With 11 ingredients, Koios is supposed to help you focus and increase concentration, reaction time, memory recall, and mental cognition. In other words, it keeps your brain sharp without stimulants.

Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Ointment: Tiger Balm! I love this stuff. The October Barbella Box had two packets, and these are now part of my quart bag when I travel.

Prince of Peace 100% Natural Ginger Candy: Ginger candy is fantastic. I discovered it when I was pregnant, and it’s great for upset stomachs. Going into the holidays, I know I’ll need these to get through all the treats.

Overall, this was an excellent October Barbella Box. After the new year, I’ll be signing up to receive more.

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