Marathon Training Week 11: Rolled Ankles and Tears

Marathon Training Week 11: Rolled Ankles and Tears

Marathon training week 11 featured almost no running, a sore right ankle, and a left ankle that got rolled badly on what was supposed to be 15-18 mile run.

I started the week in somewhat low spirits. My right ankle hurt, and after consulting with my coach, decided to take the week off from running. I went to CrossFit on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and on Thursday, I attended barbell class. While I love CrossFit, not getting in that run left me feeling bummed out.  Yoga class was canceled on Thursday night, and my other option was Baby Boomer at the YMCA. I stayed home. By Friday morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed – my spirits were very low. I finally did, and I went to see Dr. Pain.

marathon training week 11 squats

I did do some back squats.

Marathon Training Week 11: Dr. Pain Visit

So there I was on Friday morning to see Dr. Pain. He uses the Graston technique, which is why he’s earned that nickname. After examining me, he concluded that I wasn’t completely jacked up, and I had no activity restrictions, other than to not do anything new. I promised not to RX a workout or run double miles, and he proceeded to put me through a series of torture. At one point, I asked him if he had anger issues, and he laughed.

The upside of that visit was that I woke up on Saturday morning feeling significantly less pain in my knees.

marathon training week 11 dinner

I ate pork chops and roasted brussels sprouts. I told the kids they were baby cabbages.

The Long Run

I had made plans to run with Sweet Eureka, so we met up to keep each other company for a few miles. She had 21 planned; I had, in the back of my mind, the 15-18 miles my coach had put on my schedule, with the hope I could run all 18. Holly had advised me that, if my ankle hurt, not to run that much. (Her exact advice was to run 6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday.) My ankle was feeling all right, so Sweet Eureka and I took off in the dark.

And then, just like that, I rolled my ankle about a mile and a half into the run. Sweet Eureka said she could hear a crack and thought I had hit a rock. Nope, that was my bad, abused left ankle. I’ve rolled that thing so many times that I’ve run out of fingers to count the injuries. We walked for a little bit, and I wanted to cry. My ankle started feeling better, so we started running again. I loved watching the sun come up, and I felt almost hopeful for a while. But after 8 miles and a GU, I knew I wasn’t going to run 10 more. I just knew it.

I parted ways with Sweet Eureka and made my way back to my car – which was going to be 7 miles. Along the way, I ate some GU chews and a Bonk Breaker (hungry!). I saw a few of the other ladies from my running group. I ran past a field of cows and took their pictures. They looked so sweet just hanging out there. Finally, I ran around a lake, promising myself a double tall soy latte and spinach feta wrap if I could get through this run.

I ran 15 miles, and there were parts that alternately were wonderful and horrible.

The thing is, I was so slow. And I did have to take a fueling break at mile 12 – a food break. Sunday, my ankles started hurting when I was pushing the grocery cart around Kroger and when I was doing some Christmas shopping.

I made the decision to get re-fitted for running shoes, and I have a pair of Brooks Ghost 9s to try for my next few runs.

Fingers crossed that my ankles feel better soon.

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