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November Fit Snack Box Review: Bonus Snacks Abound

Most people travel during the holidays, so it’s not surprising that the November Fit Snack Box was chock-full of items you could easily bring on a trip. Fit Snack departed from its usual workout on the back of the card explaining what everything is. Instead, the workout was posted on the blog in November, and Fit Snack is also offering gift boxes.

Without further ado, here’s what the November Fit Snack box included:

Purely Inspired Powdered Peanut Butter: I’m a big fan of powdered peanut butter. It has less fat than traditional peanut butter, and it’s easy to put in smoothies or to add to a protein shake.

Tickle Water: I gave up soda, but I miss the carbonation. Tickle Water nicely replaces it.

Kracklin Kamut: When you need an extra crunch on a boring airport salad, these organic Kamut grains fit the bill. They’re roasted in small batches and also taste great right out of the bag. Save 20% with the code FITSNACK20.

Pasta Chips: A favorite of mine! I love the Tuscan-inspired flavors.

Choco Rite Protein Bar: Protein bars are a go-to during travel. (I fly Southwest, and snacks are limited, to say the least.) The salted caramel triple layer protein bar from Choco Rite is sugar-free yet high in fiber. It’s calorie-friendly, at 100 calories, and contains 9g of protein.

RawRev Bar: These mini bars contain ingredients like spirulina. They’re superfoods in a neat little package, and they taste great.

BigTreeFarms Coconut Sugar: Coconut sugar is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners. The November Fit Snack Box included a pretty good-sized pouch. The taste is similar to brown sugar.

Peoples Choice Jerky: This is another protein winner. Peoples Choice Jerky includes all-natural ingredients. It’s absolutely delicious. Jerky immediately disappears when I open my Fit Snack box.

Smarty Pants Vitamins: These gummies taste great and pack in the nutrients you need.

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