Marathon training week 13: team awesome

Marathon Training Week 13: Give Up the Ghost(s)

The refrain of Marathon Training Week 13 was “Ow! My ankle!” I spent yet another week not running during the week. However, I didn’t modify my CrossFit workouts, including the ones with running. Running felt good at CrossFit, and I went on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday, I went to barbell class. Friday, I rested – a lot. I’ve been battling a cold this week, so I slept in. I hydrated. The Boy and I took a Pokewalk. We tried to chase down a Pikachu in a Santa hat, but it fled before we could catch it. I tried to eat healthy foods – I’ve been using the Pact app so that I don’t forget to log my meals.

Marathon training week 13: squats

And squats. Always squat!

Saturday, I went on my long run wearing my Ghost 9s. Sweet Eureka and NP met up with me at zero dark thirty so that I would have company in the dark. Those crazy ladies were planning on 21 miles. I was planning 15.

First, humidity definitely affects running negatively. This being Houston, we were treated to 85% humidity on Christmas Eve. We struggled. We complained. The fog settled thickly on us. I felt coated in a sheen of sweat and mist. Even my eyelashes were wet. But I was grateful for the company. We saw other runners on our route, a few of whom I recognized – good people.

When we finally reached the park with the water fountain, I parted ways with Sweet Eureka and NP and began my solo run back to my car. I had filled up my water bottle and eaten some GU Chomps at the park. I thought I was able to handle it.

Turns out, the humidity really was that bad. The fog burned off, only to be replaced with a punishing Houston sun. I stopped a few times to hydrate. At one point, I stopped to stretch. I ate a Bonk Breaker (hungry again). At 14.5, when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, I ran into SpeedyD and her sister. I was so happy to see them! I haven’t run with SpeedyD in ages. We stopped to take selfies and wish each other Merry Christmas, and then I continued slogging through the rest of my run. I picked up the pace.

Afterward, my left ankle hurt so much. I could barely stand at church that evening, and I spent Christmas hobbling around. (I was a hobbling hobbit.) My ankle was taped, so I’m thinking it’s the Ghosts. I love them, but they are not going to cut it for 26.2, at least, not with my ankle. I need the stability of the Brooks Glycerin 14s. Mine have 73 miles on them, so they’re ready for race day.

Less than three weeks to go until race day. I have two more long runs, but I’m in full-on taper mode. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah (or just a nice, peaceful Sunday).

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