December Fit Snack Box

December Fit Snack Box: Coffee, Tea, and Jerky

The December Fit Snack Box arrived in the midst of the crazy holiday season that begins around December 10 and lasts through the new year. I can tell you, everything in this box was very welcome.

December Fit Snack Box Caffeine

One thing that made this particular box great was all the caffeine. For me, the holidays are all about staying caffeinated so I can wrap presents and do last minute shopping.

HighBrew Coffee: This is something I already buy and love. It’s fair trade, low calorie, delicious, and made in Austin, TX. When you chill it, it is heaven in a can. I quite literally nuzzled the can of HighBrew when I opened my December Fit Snack Box.

Zest Tea: This tea has as much caffeine as coffee. It doesn’t include jitters or the crash. Sadly, I haven’t tested it yet. I’m saving it until New Year’s Eve.

Zippy Bites: Combining two loves, chocolate and caffeine, is always a good thing. The Zippy Bites are chocolate truffles packed with caffeine, guarana, amino acids, and B vitamins. I ate one while I was dragging in the afternoon.

The Non-Caffeine

I also liked the selection of non-caffeinated items in my December box.

People’s Choice Jerky Machaca: Just when I thought jerky couldn’t get any better, this arrives. It’s delicious beef jerky in shredded form, kind of the consistency of grated parmesan cheese. I used it in scrambled eggs, and it was the perfect complement.

Barney Butter: This packet had coconut, so I had to keep it far away from my husband. The Cocoa and Coconut variety is very tasty and dairy-free.

Made in Nature: The Supersnacks are fruit snacks, and they’re certified organic, non-GMO. I liked the taste a lot.

Love Grown Foods Oatmeal: I’m already a big fan of Love Grown Foods, thanks to previous Fit Snack boxes. I haven’t tried the oatmeal yet, but they were kind enough to suggest I try it in a protein pancake. I sense this will be my breakfast on Saturday.

Rawxies Banana Nut Bread Bar: Yes, it tasted like bananas! It was shaped like a heart, which is really cute. But the flavor was what I really liked: hearty, nutty, and somehow comforting.

What was your favorite December Fit Snack box item?

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