January Fit Snack Box

January Fit Snack Box: Greens and Keen (One)

Is it February, really? Apparently so, and I’m still picking through my January Fit Snack box. That’s not a bad thing; I’ll tell you why in a future post. In the meantime, the fine folks at Fit Snack sent over a Tiffany-blue box of treats to help beat the winter doldrums. Among them:

Salad Power: Salad you drink! I used to be a big V8 devotee before I went on the psoriasis diet, and I still sometimes make myself green juice. Salad Power has fewer calories and sugar than other green juices, and they’re pretty tasty chilled.

Purely Inspired Organic Greens: If you worry about not getting enough goodies from greens, you can add a scoop of this powder, which has superfoods and probiotics, into your smoothie. I used to get a similar product from a company that shall not be named, but I think I like this better.

ChocoRite Protein Bar: You can’t go wrong with a peanut butter protein bar. I loved the consistency and chocolate coating.

Chops Snacks: Beef jerky is another winner for me. Even better, these Chops beef brisket treats were so tender. I didn’t once feel like a wild animal gnawing at a carcass, which sometimes happens with cheaper beef jerky.

Keen One Quinoa: The January Fit Snack box included two cups of this quinoa, and I ate the chipotle flavor before I wrote this review. It was so good – spicy, fiery, probably terrible for my psoriasis, but delicious. I stirred in some roasted chicken for a tasty quinoa bowl.

Made in Nature Figgy Pops: Of course, the one thing I haven’t tried is the one that looks the most delicious. Figgy Pops are a blend of fruits, nuts, seeds, and coconut. I am looking forward to cracking this open, eventually.

Did you get the January Fit Snack box? What was your favorite goodie?

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