Back to running - front squats

I’m Back to Running! Time to Train…

I’m back to running three times a week! And it couldn’t come soon enough because last week I needed to start training for the Divas Half Marathon in April.

I honestly thought it would be at least another month before I would be back to running more than once a week. My ankle is almost entirely healed (thank you, Dr. Pain!), so I spent some quality time on my treadmill and on the road to start training for my next half marathon. I’ve also been feeling so much better since I started this new clean eating program (thank you, Holly!), although I miss tacos.

Monday, I went to CrossFit, and in the evening, went to yoga. The Monday night teacher is pretty good, and she offers modifications. Modifications are molto importante. Molto.

Back to running - front squats

Lift heavy. Your quads and glutes will thank you later.

Tuesday, I did a 3-mile run on the treadmill. I wasn’t doing a regular time trial. Instead, I just upped the pace a bit. I also went to CrossFit and to two kid Valentine’s Day parties. I’m proud to say that the only thing I ate was the 2 ounces of chicken and tiny portion of almonds I brought in a baggie.

Back to Running Candy Heart

This candy heart says it all.

Wednesday was CrossFit again, and Thursday was a treadmill tempo run plus barbell class. I’m falling back into watching TV while I run on the treadmill; lately, it’s Fuller House. (Thank you, Netflix!)

Friday, CrossFit was all rowing. I had an awesome team to make up for how slow I am, at least.

Saturday, I went on a beautiful if overcast run in Kemah and Seabrook. I spent it alone, and it was just therapeutic, over the bridge and looking at the bay. I did 7 easy miles.

Sunday, I went for a Poke-ride on my bike. I’m way too excited about the new Pokémon that were released. Also, since being on my new meal plan, I’ve realized the smell of donuts at church actually makes me sick, and that running a faster half marathon and getting some PRs at the box are more important than cheesy gooey Mexican food and donuts.

Have a great week!

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