February Fit Snack Box

February Fit Snack Box Review: Cornucopia of Tastes

The February Fit Snack Box arrived with little fanfare this month. I couldn’t dig into it like I normally do, as I had just started my new clean eating plan. Nevertheless, I took a few tiny bites. For science, of course. If you’re not on a strict meal plan, you’ll love what Fit Snack sent in February.

Amsety Bar: Fit Snack included two peanut butter Amsety Bars in the February Box. They’re designed to support liver health. Each bar has 9 grams of protein (yay!) but seems high in carbs and sugar. The texter is decent, a little grainy. Overall, the peanut butter Amsety Bar tastes very sweet, with only a hint of peanut butter.

Kakookies: I sampled the dark chocolate cranberry Kakookie, although the Fit Snack Box contained three. I would have passed the rest off to my husband, but he’s allergic to coconut. The overall flavor reminded me of a bran muffin. There was a sweet taste to it, however, which was reflected in a higher sugar content than I like to see in snacks. (I think my pickiness over sugar stems from the fact that I’m not eating any artificial sugar.)

FieldTrip Jerky: This turkey jerky stick was phenomenal! The Fit Snack Box had the cracked black pepper one, and it was sweet and savory and absolutely delicious. (But have you ever known me not to like jerky?) The garlic and rosemary made the seasoning perfect.

Beanitos Chips: These simple-seeming black bean chips are also high fiber. They also contain 6 grams of protein per serving. Even better, the taste complements avocado and salsa quite nicely.

Tickle Water: Fit Snack included the green apple flavor in this box. I really liked this sparkling water; the green apple flavor was subtle and refreshing.

VitaFive Vitamins: This time, Fit Snack included CoQ10 gummy vitamins with a pleasant orange flavor.  CoQ10 supports heart health, so these were very appropriate to include in the February Fit Snack Box. Kudos to you, Fit Snack!

Run Gum: I love this caffeinated gum, especially the mint flavor. I actually chew it when I need a pick me up on a tough day.

As always, Fit Snack put together a great box. Order yours today at fitsnack.com!

Disclaimer: I received this box complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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