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The Brutally Honest Stitch Fix Review

I really wanted to love Stitch Fix, so it pains me to write this Stitch Fix review. But I’ve given them nine chances to get it right. With a 33 percent chance of actually getting what I want and need, I’m done with Stitch Fix.

Initially, I was interested in Stitch Fix because I have a hard time finding clothes. I’m 5’1″ and frustrated with the limited number of petite options in stores. Add to that how I pretty much live in gym clothes, and I also have no idea how to put together business casual outfits. So I signed up for Stitch Fix, and my first Fix was so great that I wrote a Stitch Fix review for SMB Soup (formerly the Houston Entrepreneurship Examiner).

Fix #1 was amazing. It perfectly fit my style. In fact, it was so perfect that I had to send back items that were too close to things I already own, along with a pair of jeans that didn’t fit. (That’s an ongoing problem.) There was a dress in that fix that I wear all the time. However, quality wasn’t great; a top I kept snagged on the first wear. Stitch Fix refunded me the money.

But Fix #2 was totally not my style. I got a shift dress that was boho and baggy, not something I’d wear. I also received several boxy tops. I sighed and sent the whole fix back. Customer service realized how badly my stylist had screwed up and credited me my styling fee. I zoomed to the store to pick up a couple new tops for an upcoming conference since Fix #2 was so off the mark.

Fix #3 was much better. I got a new stylist, Erika, who sent me this treasure trove of goodies:

Stitch fix review fix 3

I kept three items!

I kept the peach blouse on the left, the grey striped shirt in the center, and the striped dress. All fit my style and fit beautifully. I wanted to keep the floral blouse second from the left, but it was dry clean only. That doesn’t fit my lifestyle. The jeans second from the right also didn’t fit (CrossFit problems).

Erika was so great that I asked her to style me for Fix #4. It was perfect:

stitch fix review - best fix ever

She also included a pair of stud earrings. I kept all five items. She even found jeans that fit me (Liverpool Jeans, by the way – leggings, but they look like actual jeans).

Where the Stitch Fix Review Gets Ugly

Just like that, though, things changed, which meant I was waiting to write my big Stitch Fix review. Erika went on maternity leave. If you have a stylist you connect with, keep that stylist! That’s my warning. My next fix, #5, was full of office attire and a chirpy note about “wear to work” and “to the office.” My profile clearly states that I work from home. My cat doesn’t care what I wear to the office. I wear business casual a couple times a month, but the rest of the time, I’m laid-back casual.

Another sigh, another fix angrily sent back. Stitch Fix offered to make it right. Unfortunately, Fix #6 was full of ugly, poor quality tops. Fix #7 didn’t even make it to my door; the stylist completely ignored my request for petite items. Additionally, the items were well above my price point. Fix #8 wasn’t much better. The only petite item was a pair of black pants (of which I have plenty – and which didn’t fit).

Stitch Fix Review dress

Not petite sized

Stitch Fix Review Baggy Top

Definitely not petite sized

Stitch fix NO

Is this a dress?!

Stitch Fix Keeper

Kept this.

I kept the shirt on the far left. It’s a little long, but it’s lightweight and looks good with jeans or black leggings. The rest just frustrated me. It was also overpriced for the quality. I feel like a lot of items are Forever 21 quality but priced at more than double Forever 21 prices. For example, the shirt second from the left was paper-thin and looked like it would snag in about ten seconds. I was afraid to handle it.

Like Charlie Brown running at the football, I signed up for a ninth fix. This would be my final fix out of sheer frustration. Erika still hadn’t returned. Here’s what I got.

stitch fix review red top


stitch fix review ew sleeves

Hated the sleeves.

stitch fix review have this

Cute but …

stitch fix review ew

Hated the “distressed” dye

stitch fix another dress

Oh, look, another dress

The sweater on the far left was nearly perfect, although again a bit too pricey. The blouse in the middle was cute, but it fit weirdly on my shoulders and arms (more CrossFit problems?) – and was poor quality. I hated, hated, hated the other three tops. The sleeves on the striped one were just not cute. The distressed dye didn’t work for me on the t-shirt on the left in the second row. The shirt on the right was far too long.

So, they didn’t pay attention to my price point, didn’t pay attention to the fact that I need all petite-friendly items, and wasted my time. I boxed up the other four tops, sent them back, and was too frustrated to try again. I’ve given this company a ton of chances, but it feels like they throw random excess inventory into the box and call it “styling.”

As a side note, Stitch Fix doesn’t seem to have figured out how to style petites. I certainly don’t recommend this company for athletic women. And yes, I was one of the company’s influencers. I held out on writing a Stitch Fix review until I had gotten several fixes. I don’t need another Fabletics situation.

Anyway, I can’t recommend Stitch Fix if you’re not average height, if you have an athletic body, if you like clothes that don’t fall apart, or if you don’t have time to deal with customer service. To the company’s credit, customer service is very helpful, but the service is not.


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