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Wantable Review: I’m Never Doing These “Style Edits” Again

There’s a part of me that really hates writing a Wantable review like this. Yet there is another part of me that knows the Wantable review needs to be written, even so soon after my Stitch Fix review.

I signed up for a Wantable Style Edit for the same reason I signed up for Stitch Fix: I hate shopping, and finding clothes that fit me is a pain in the neck. Wantable advertises personalized style edits. Even the card sent by the company states that each item is “handpicked” by a stylist to “perfectly match” my personal preferences. When I took the survey, I indicated that I love silver tones, casual chic, tops, and classic style. My dislikes included rock, boho, and denim because denim in a box never ends well. Glam, bottoms, and dresses/jumpsuits would be okay. I selected XS as my sizing preference.

Wantable review preferences

The preferences, followed by a chirpy note about pulling together pieces based on my “preferences”

Additionally, keep in mind that I also had a few more indications in the quiz I took.

  1. Send me basic items often, business casual/work and date night/night out sometimes, laid back/casual all the time, and trendy items and cocktail/special occasion very little.
  2. For top fits, I love fitted, like tight and straight, and dislike loose, tunic, and dolman.
  3. For pants, I love fitted and dislike tight, straight, and loose.
  4. I love shorts and ankle length, like regular length, and dislike long.
  5. For pants, I love low rise, like mid rise, and dislike high rise.
  6. I love skinny, like straight and boyfriend, and dislike boot cut and wide leg cuts.
  7. I like to show off my arms, rear, and legs, like showing off my back and shoulders and dislike showing cleavage and my midriff.

Breaking down the Wantable review

It took a little extra time to get my first Style Edit, but I hoped that the wait was worth it for Wantable. It was absolutely not worth it, leading to this Wantable review. Here’s what I got:

Wantable review boho top


My Wantable stylist, Miranda, sent this lace-up, v-neck knit long sleeve top in stone blue. Right off the bat, it was not suited to my preferences. I categorize this as boho and trendy (dislike and send very little, respectively). Next, it’s long-sleeved, and I live in Houston. It’s already in the high 70s/low 80s during the day. Long sleeves also don’t show off my arms. Finally, the v-neck shows off cleavage. It was also too long.


Wantable review button down

Another long sleeve

Oh, look, another long-sleeved shirt from Wantable that doesn’t show off my arms! Once again, Wantable missed the mark. The top was too long, too stiff, and didn’t meet my preferences once again. I started wondering if she had even read my profile.




Wantable review long sleeved dress


Okay, Wantable, this is getting ridiculous. When I pulled this long-sleeved black dress out of my box, I was horrified. The crepey material would be way too hot in Houston 10 months out of the year. Again, this piece is long-sleeved and not my style. When I tried it on, it was not a fetching mini dress. It was a knee-length, baggy mess. I’m not even sure what style this is, but the included card indicated I would be channeling the 70s. Miranda did not read my profile.



Wantable review trendy top

Too flowy and trendy

Where do I begin with this top? Miranda sent me the top in a berry color, which I liked. However, the hem is unfinished, which I did not. I indicated I want very few trendy items; this cold shoulder trend is everywhere. Where are the tops that show off my arms? Nope, instead, I got this flowy top (I indicated I want fittedĀ tops!) that was too long. Miranda, this Wantable review is looking worse and worse.



Wantable review poor quality blouse

I can’t even.


Here’s another Wantable miss. First of all, peplums are on the way out. Second, the top is extremely poor quality; the one I received had loose threads coming out of the pintucks on the front. The hem was uneven. Again, it wasn’t my style and the suggestion on the card? “Pair with a pencil skirt and faux leather bomber for a fierce office look!” Are you kidding me, Miranda? I said IĀ dislike the rock look. (Also, I work from home.)


Wantable review monstrosity


But hey, here’s a sleeveless top! It’s gigantic, and acid washed, and it could double as a dress. The designer had the nerve to mark it as XS. I cannot even begin to describe how much I hated this top. Once again, Miranda missed the mark – I don’t even think she was in the same ballpark at this point. Including this top was just an insult and completely disgusting. Acid wash?! That’s trendy. And the blouse was not fitted, nor even straight. It was LOOSE. If Wantable uses a “standard set of sizes,” as Hilary the customer service lead said, then a true XS is not one of the sizes offered.


Wantable review leather leggings

Leather leggings. Really?!

I’m concluding my Wantable review by showing off the last item in my Style Edit: faux leather trim leggings. “Pair these paneled leggings in with an oversized knit for a street-savvy look!” Okay, where do I begin? Rock look. Leather-paneled leggings in Houston in March. Pairing with an oversized knit. Too long. I cannot even. I just can’t.




Every single item went back. Not a single thing in my Wantable Style Edit was my style or fit. Miranda basically grabbed a bunch of random items and threw them into a box, then used a copy and paste chirpy note.

But Wait! It Gets Worse!

Since Wantable missed the mark by so much, you’d think they’d refund my styling fee and call it a day, right? Boy, are you ever wrong! Nope, they took the false advertising route, and the first rep I spoke with, Tracy, flat out refused to refund my styling fee. Apparently, this is the smallest size they carry, so too bad it doesn’t fit, right? And apparently, it doesn’t matter that the stylist did not pay attention to my preferences. Nope, I’m SOL, according to Tracy.

I posted a Wantable review on the company’s Facebook page, as well as sent a tweet. The company wanted me to call and talk to Hilary, the customer service manager. I did, thinking there would be a resolution.

There is no resolution. “Give us a second chance!” she said, although not in so many words. Wantable would waive the styling fee for my next Style Edit. However, why would I take another run at the football? I’m not Charlie Brown, Lucy. Wantable will absolutely not refund my money. Never mind that the company did not deliver what was promised; the leather pants and long sleeves are a dead giveaway that nothing was personalized. So is the cold shoulder top and the gigantic loose acid wash shirt.

Hilary also claimed that she had tried to call me three times on Friday morning after I had posted my tweets and Facebook comments. She claimed to have received a busy signal. Now, my number is correct in my profile, and there is no busy signal on the line she tried. It’s a working line.

So: a stylist that didn’t even look at my profile, and customer service that does not treat customers with “utmost care and respect” (which Wantable lists on its “About Wantable” page under “Excellence Is Our Standard,” which made me laugh).

Ladies (especially petite ladies), do not waste your time or money with this lying, ethically moribund company. If I could give Wantable zero stars, I would.

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