Running over the Kemah bridge

After the Open, What Now? More Time for Running!

Now that the CrossFit Open is over, I can resume my regular running schedule. The Open was fantastic, mainly because I exceeded all my expectations. I’ve identified some areas to improve as well. I finished as the 1,660th-fittest Women’s Masters 35-39 athlete in my region. Next year, I’m hoping to RX at least one of the WODs, which I couldn’t do this year.

The Brief Running Update

Anyway. On to running, right? I’m so grateful every time I lace up. I have a half marathon coming up later this month, and I got in three runs this week: two short ones during the week and a 10-mile run on Saturday morning. Coming over the Kemah Bridge the first time, I got to see the sun just starting to rise over the Gulf, and for me, it’s those magical morning moments that make running so wonderful. I also kept a respectable 9:46/mile pace on that run, which makes me think I might actually have a chance of getting a sub-2 hour half marathon. I was at about that pace last year on 6 mile runs before I got a 1:52:12 at the Jailbreak Half Marathon.

The point is, I’ve been enjoying my runs, even the 10 miles I was alone. I got in some good head clearing time and came up with an idea to tackle a work project. Those are the best runs when you can find a solution to a problem.

Running and crossfitting and flipping tires

I flipped some tires this week.

Adventures in Clean Eating

I’ve also been sticking pretty faithfully to my clean eating plan. I won’t lie; it’s hard. For 6 weeks, corn tortillas were not part of the plan. That meant no tacos. I also lost weight, which at first wasn’t terrible but then got to the point where I was starting to get nervous. Apparently, even a low-mileage runner like me (10-12 miles a week) burns up carbs pretty quickly. The solution was not only to increase my protein intake slightly but also increase my carb intake. The night before and the morning of a long run, I’m eating extra carbs. After the run, my snack also includes more carbs than usual. When I weighed myself after a few nutrition tweaks, I was finally moving in the right direction: up the scale. (Honestly, I feel like I’m a rare unicorn when I say I want to gain weight. But if I put on a few pounds of lean muscle mass, I’m going to be RXing all the gymnastics movements in the box.) And I got my corn tortillas back!

Running and eating tacos

I got corn tortillas back!

The result so far of running regularly and eating clean is better performance, hands down. I’ve been feeling really strong at the box and running on the road. I can’t wait to see how I do at my next half marathon or during my next benchmark workout. After my half, I plan to keep running low-mileage weeks. It feels really, really amazing to run, even with some ankle twinges.


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