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RIMSports Ankle Straps Review: Comfortable, Hygenic

This RIMSports Ankle Straps Review has resulted in another critical piece of gear for my bag when I hit the fitness center.

Background: I do go to a regular gym sometimes to do accessory work, things like strict dumbbell presses to strengthen my shoulders or glute exercises so I can get more power in my lifts. One of the exercises I rotate in is at the cable machine. I haven’t been able to find the ankle straps at my gym, nor have I wanted to find them. In my experience, the ankle straps at most gyms are uncomfortable or smell of other people’s sweat. Gross.

RIMSports sent me a pair of their ankle straps to test out in the gym. The first plus was the case; one left and one right strap come in a plastic carrying case so you don’t lose them and they don’t get wet from a leaky water bottle. The RIMSports Ankle Straps feature neoprene padding to make them more comfortable. They don’t rub or chafe oddly. It’s easy to thread the straps through the triangular rings and fasten them. I have small ankles, so I was happy that the RIMSports Ankle Straps adjusted to fit them. Then I used them:

The RIMSports Ankle Straps stayed put. The neoprene padding in the back made them very comfortable. Even better, these are mine. There was no gross feeling of using someone else’s sweaty gym equipment. The quality is also great, so I don’t expect them to fray or break anytime soon.

I got mine in pink, but RIMSports makes them in a bunch of colors. They’re also unisex and adjustable to fit any size ankle. If you do cable machine exercises regularly or have a cable machine at home, these are a worthwhile and frugal investment.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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