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Click Active Review: Coffee Protein for Athletes

In a word, Click Active Coffee Protein is awesome. I’ve already written about my love for Click Coffee Protein; however, that blend is more of an afternoon snack or meal replacement. Click Active is meant for serious workouts. It’s a whey isolate/micellar casein blend protein that includes BCAAs and Glutamine. But the part I like best? It also packs in 150 mg of caffeine per serving, in addition to 25 g of protein.

Click Active arrived on my doorstep at a good time. My meal plan directs me to sip half my protein shake during CrossFit, then have the rest after with a serving of carbs (fruit, which for me is a banana). I happily texted the nutrition label to my coach, who cautioned me to count the carbs. (Click Active contains 7 g of carbs per serving, 1 g of which is sugar. So I buy small bananas.) I can’t think of anything I don’t like about Click Active, honestly. But I can tell you all the things I love:

  • The taste is perfect. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love coffee. Drinking this coffee protein is like having a decadent beverage from a specialty coffee shop.
  • It blends very, very well. I put Click Active in my shaker bottle, give it a few good shakes, and it’s ready to drink.
  • Did I mention the caffeine? I drink pre-workout, but during and after the WOD I need a little boost. This coffee protein does the trick nicely.
  • It fits into my meal plan. This one is a biggie.

Like I said, I can’t think of anything that could be improved. It’s now my go-to coffee protein because it has everything I need in it. Since I work out in the morning, the caffeine is a great boost that helps get me through the day.

Click sent me a complimentary cannister of its Click Active protein for me to try in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and I received no other compensation.


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