Nanami Green Tea Challenge

Nanami Green Tea Challenge: 7 Days of Health

If you know me, you know I love my coffee. But as I’ve gone further down the clean eating rabbit hole, I’ve been looking for alternatives to my beloved beans. Enter the Nanami Green Tea challenge. Officially called the 7daydrinkgreen challenge, I pledged to eschew all beverages other than green tea and water.

(Spoiler alert: I cheated with whey and casein protein shakes.)

Nanami Tea sent me the Nanami Power Set, a kit that has four delicious organic tea products. I dusted off my tea strainer and traded my beans for leaves as I kicked off the Nanami Green Tea Challenge.

First of all, making green tea with loose leaves is a different experience – a good one! Tea leaves have a much bolder, cleaner flavor, especially since it forces you to use fresh boiling water (instead of microwaving your water). I’d put on my tea kettle, then start breakfast.

I typically started my day with Nanami Sencha Tea. This Nanami green tea is all tea, and it has a fresh, bold flavor. This is how green tea is meant to taste. It has a great kick of caffeine, too.

Nanami also sent me Hojicha green tea, which is lower in caffeine and has more of a roasted flavor, and Genmaicha tea, which is blended with roasted rice and is supposed to suppress appetite. Honestly, I didn’t detect any appetite suppressing with the Genmaicha, although it was my favorite of all the teas. I love the rice flavor and found myself drinking this one the most.

Nanami Matcha Tea was the only one I didn’t try. I haven’t been drinking smoothies, and my whey protein already has caffeine. The smell was great, though. I’ve had culinary grade matcha, and the Nanami green tea matcha powder is on par, aroma-wise.

Overall, I recommend the Sencha Tea and the Genmaicha Tea – both are delicious, and both pack in antioxidant benefits. Seven days later, I definitely felt less dependent on my coffee, although I was also happy to have it back. I’ve rotated in the Sencha Tea in the mornings, and it leaves me clear-headed. (And it doesn’t need any flavoring, always a bonus.)

Disclaimer: Nanami Tea sent me the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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