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The Ultimate BlogFest Packing List

Who’s excited for BlogFest later this month? After last year, I’m preparing the Ultimate BlogFest Packing List to make sure I don’t forget anything crucial. Here’s what I’m bringing (and some links to where you can get your own – some of these are affiliate links, but I’ve tested most of these items and love them):

BlogFest Packing List

  • Workout clothes. Last year, I packed clothes for my actual workouts and extra workout clothes to wear at BlogFest. Athleta Sonar Capris are my favorite – I’ll be bringing mine with the mesh detail.
  • A cute dress or skirt. You know, for the Idea World Welcome Party.
  • Shower Pill wipes. If you don’t have time to change between a workout and BlogFest sessions, or you get sweaty in an Idea World session, these are perfect. They’re individually wrapped and easy to pack.
  • A portable duffel bag. I really don’t want to waste time at McCarran at the baggage claim. I’m not thrilled about the idea of waiting at it when I get back to Houston, either, but I know that the swag is going to be ridiculous as a blogger. I also know that I’m going to want to buy stuff. Last year, I had to ship a big box of swag back because I only brought a carry-on. This year, I’m packing a foldable duffel bag in my rollaboard.
  • Business cards. I have a bunch of business cards with my blog logo, URL, and some contact information for meeting with vendors. Bring a lot of those. Get email addresses so you can follow up with your media kit when you get back.
  • A collapsible water bottle. This water bottle works well in the airport and at BlogFest. It rolls up when it’s empty but is a full-size bottle. It’ll save you money at the airport and help you stay hydrated – and you’ll want to stay hydrated, between the air conditioning in the conference center and the dry desert heat.
  • A power bank. You’ll be Instagramming, SnapChatting, Tweeting – you’ll run out of juice on your phone, guaranteed. Bring a power bank.
  • A sunblock stick. Because my quart baggie will be stretched to the limits already, and that desert sun is brutal.
  • My Lenovo Miix tablet. It’s basically a stripped-down Windows computer, but much lighter than my laptop. I’ll want to take notes during all the great sessions!

And then there will be all the other little items I’ll bring: my speed rope for the CrossFit drop-in I’ll do, my running shoes, and assorted protein and pre-workout. I usually pack my powders in a formula dispenser; they’re very durable and don’t open spontaneously.

Bonus: What I’m Wearing on the Plane

  • An athletic skort from the Calia by Carrie Underwood line. It’s polished enough to look good but also practical in case TSA gets handsy. Not that I expect a pat-down; I’m a Pre-Check passenger and about as suspicious as a kitten.
  • A moisture-wicking tank top. I plan to check out the Seven Magic Mountains. It seems like a good idea to wear something I can sweat in.
  • A lightweight cardigan. I have one from Athleta that I wore last year. It kept me warm in chilly conference rooms and could be rolled up into a little ball.
  • My all-purpose cross-training shoes. Mine are Adidas 360.2 Primas and comfortable enough for a WOD or walking through the airport.

What’s on your ultimate BlogFest packing list?

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