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A CrossFitter Goes to IDEA World 2017 in Las Vegas

It sounds like there should be a punchline, right? A CrossFitter goes to IDEA World 2017 in Las Vegas, feels a little bit like a fish out of water, and happily scoots back into her box. Last week, I did go to IDEA World 2017, and I did feel a little out of place. However, seeing all the different health and fitness vendors was amazing, even if most of it didn’t resonate with me.

IDEA World 2017 Had Something for (Almost) Everyone

One of the things I love about IDEA World is that it embraces so many different forms of fitness. There were the usual suspects in attendance: TRX, Inc., Les Mills, and Zumba Fitness LLC. If you’re a fitness professional, you had your pick of educational sessions, from dance fitness certifications to cycling and kickboxing. Whether you were into boot camp, piloxing, or Pilates, a vendor was there. What I really liked seeing were Silver Sneakers, the company that offers classes for active older adults, and the Walk Productions booth, which offers walking fitness programs. I am in favor of anything that gets people moving. It’s very heartening to see how many options are available and how many new and different pieces of equipment are out there.

IDEA World 2017 Drumba

Drum fitness! How fun does that look?

Take the Nutrition Pavilion With a Grain of Salt

Don’t get me wrong; the nutrition pavilion had some great options. RX Bars are my favorite, and had I not already purchased a personal cooler less than a month ago, a Six Pack Fitness bag would have gone home with me. Sweetpotato Awesome has the best sweet potato snacks I’ve ever tasted, and I gleefully tried Pic’s Peanut Butter. I’m a big fan of LaCroix sparkling water as well. And the star of the nutrition pavilion at IDEA World 2017 was Honey Smoked Fish Company; the booth handed out generous portions of incredibly delicious salmon and some superfood salad.

Not everything was something I’d recommend putting in your body, however. Some of the protein bars included a lot of added sugar, and some supplements had questionable properties. So for those wandering the nutrition pavilion next year, make sure you read the labels before you get too excited about any one product.

Don’t Say the “C” Word

The only time I heard a vendor admit being attached to CrossFit was when I bought a shirt from Compete Every Day. “Our bread and butter customers are CrossFitters,” he said, and the clothes are perfect for WODs. I totally understand that IDEA World doesn’t attract the CrossFit crowd. That said, I’m going to single out Reebok for having a booth full of CrossFit-like equipment (plyo boxes, medicine balls) and not a single mention of its sponsorship of the CrossFit Games. The NSCA also manned a booth, and I chuckled at its slogan, “Everyone stronger.”

I was heartened to see how many vendors had CrossFit-like products for boot camp-type classes, though. One vendor offered inflatable tires for tire flipping (cleaner than the actual tires used in boxes), and another sold soft-headed sledgehammers. The hammers at my box are from the hardware store; these hammers had round heads and would bounce off surfaces. There are companies and classes focusing on functional fitness, but in an environment that doesn’t intimidate people who are scared of CrossFit. (There’s nothing to be scared of, but I realize the environment isn’t for everyone. It’s good to see functional movements being incorporated into other classes.)

Go Ahead, Shop!

Oh, and did I mention the shopping? Even for a non-professional, you could find plenty of things you’d want to cram into your bag and take home. Prana and Lorna Jane were just two activewear brands with booths. Vooray seemed like a new entrant and sold these amazing gym bags and backpacks. You could buy branded apparel from a variety of companies (Zumba, Beachbody, or another specialty fitness method), equipment, or food and supplements. IDEA World 2017 had items I was excited about, this die-hard Lululemon-wearing speed short addict.

Would I go to IDEA World 2018? Absolutely, especially since it’s not in Las Vegas next year! The vendors and classes are great places to learn more about movement and nutrition, and even those completely committed to their own fitness routines can find something new to incorporate.


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