July Barbella Box Review

July Barbella Box Review: All About the Fleos

Did anyone sign up for the July Barbella Box just for the Fleos? I did. I couldn’t wait to write my July Barbella Box review once I tore it open!

July Barbella Box Review

The July Barbella Box in all its glory

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July Barbella Box Review: The Fleos

Y’all, I’m starting my July Barbella Box review with the shorts with the cult following: Fleos! I wavered like crazy on the size and even contacted Barbella Box customer service. They sent me a sizing chart, and based on that, I kept my profile size at XS. I’m so glad I did. The Fleo shorts in the July Barbella Box are the 3.25″ contour shorts, mid-rise. I wear a size 4 in Lululemon Speed Shorts and an XS in Reebok CrossFit booty shorts. The XS Fleo shorts, which I received in blue, fit perfectly. (Also, I love blue.)

As for the functionality, I wore them for a WOD. The Fleo shorts not only stayed put but also felt great. I can see why Fleo has a cult-like following that stalks the site for new patterns. The Fleo shorts normally cost $48 per pair. Receiving them in the July Box almost completely covered the cost of the box.

The Rest of the July Barbella Box

I’m not throwing shade here. The rest of the July Barbella Box rocked! Among the awesome items included:

Pro-Tec Athletics Spiky Ball: The 3″ diameter Pro-Tec Athletics Spiky Ball massages out kinks in the arch of your foot. If you have foot problems, plantar fasciitis, or just need to relieve tension in your arches, this tool is great. Pro tip: it also works great to break up sore tissue in your glutes after a particularly brutal WOD with pistols. Ahem.

WodBottom Beach Bum Headband: How cute is this pattern? I love the little shells and the colors. Even better, this headband by WodBottom stays in place. The band is made out of spandex and polyester, and they wick away hairline moisture to keep sweat from dripping in your eyes. They come in a bunch of colors, too.

Little Moon Essentials Clear Mind Mist: You spray this refreshing mist on your clothes, a tissue, or in the air, and the scent wakes you up and keeps you alert. I love the smell; it’s got a good kick to it but isn’t overpowering. I sprayed it directly on my t-shirt, and it didn’t stain, either.

Eat Your Coffee Energy Bar: Barbella Box knows me. This energy bar is simply delicious. The good news is, it includes real food ingredients like dates, cashews, chia seeds, oats, and dark chocolate. I received the mocha latte flavor. It did not last long.

And the Bonus!

Oh, and Barbella Box threw in a bonus: a coupon for a free pint of Halo Top ice cream! Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about Halo Top. It’s practically gained a cult following. Each pint has between 260-360 calories, so if you don’t measure out a serving carefully and eat the whole pint, you don’t feel quite as guilty. It’s also high protein.

Did you get the July Barbella Box? What was your favorite item?

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